Letters to the Editor, Dec. 3, 2019

Praising Fedorchak’s letter

I want to thank John J. Fedorchak Sr. for his very insightful letter last month exposing just how Trump is totally dissimilar to Hitler. I doubt it will change John Ferri’s thinking, but a Trump hater will come up with the most off-the-wall stuff just to try to have people not concentrate on all the good the president has been doing. Perhaps Mr. Ferri should spend some time researching why the Pelosis are collecting rent from all the U.S. Postal properties in California. Was there anything sinister about Mr. Pelosi, the real estate magnate, ending up being able to buy all the land under the Post Offices in California. Or perhaps Mr. Ferri could look into Mrs. Pelosi’s steering of more than a billion dollars in government subsidies to a light rail project that benefited a company run by a high dollar Democratic donor and in which her husband is a major investor. This property is in the San Francisco Mission Bay area and there is all kinds of information to be had on this on the internet. It is fascinating reading and clearly shows how she used her government position to greatly increase their net worth. This is much more interesting than trying to reach ridiculous conclusions that Trump is some kind of Hitler.

Ken Cooke


Response to John Ferri LTE of 11/26/2019

First, John painted President Trump as Hitleresque, now he accuses him of being a Russian agent/asset. Good grief!

The fact is that no U.S. President has been tougher on Russia than President Trump. Significantly tougher than his predecessor, Obama, and his milquetoast policy on Russia. President Trump has issued at least 50 sanctions against Russia. These sanctions are crippling the Russian economy and severely damaging Putin and his oligarchs and elites. Yet like many of Trump’s successes, it received minimal mainstream media coverage. Does that seem like a Russian agent?

Obama is the one who refused to release the tank killing javelin missiles to Ukraine so as not to upset Putin. Trump released them without any quid pro quo.

The Obama/Hillary cabal allowed Putin to do as he pleased. Who ignored Russia’s treaty violations? Allowed Russia to sell S-300 Air Defense to Iran? Cancelled U.S. Missile Defense in Eastern Europe? Abdicated leadership on Syria to Russia? Choked at Russia’s cyber attacks? Signaled that he will be more “flexible” after his reelection? AND, illegally sold our precious uranium to Russia? It was NOT President Trump.

These are very dangerous times with Putin/Soros, et al, trying to destroy our country from within by causing our people to fight among ourselves, attacking our success, stopping Trump from having any more success than he already has, trying to find any reason to reverse our 2016 election and remove President Trump from office, damage Trump in efforts to derail his chances for reelection. These efforts/distractions are being aided by the Socialist Liberals and their propaganda arm of the mainstream media with these nonsense hearings and, in the meantime, nothing is being done to benefit our country. Where is the USMCA trade agreement that even the Democrats want? Sitting on Speaker Pelosi’s desk while she allows these asinine hearings to go on without any hard evidence, only hearsay/opinions/feelings.

Now, I ask, who are the real Russian assets?

John J. Fedorchak Sr.

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Former Bradford County resident