Responding to Schamel

To the LTE person from Chemung, I resent being called a Nazi war criminal just because my views are different than yours. To resort to that kind of rhetoric is uncalled for and just plain nasty. While the country was, and still is, burning to the ground and looted and mobbed by domestic terrorists, you said nothing. Why? Same supposed Americans just wrong party is my guess.

As far as thinking there is no fraud in this election, that will never be known because there has never been an investigation. You know, those things done to see if there is any evidence of any wrongdoing. Not just someone saying there isn’t any. That is what has people upset. No witnesses have been called, no evidence presented, nothing. What happened in this state to insure it went blue is obvious, but it will remain so because nothing was investigated. My legal vote was disenfranchised. To me, that smacks of fraud and vote tampering and maybe a touch of the communism. If we decided to voice our patriotism, not the violence, we have that right. By the way, Trump didn’t kill those people. The virus did. And anyone else who thinks that he did have way too much time on your hands. Now the incoming president has the handle. Will he be accused of murder, too? I expect not, but we shall see. I expect we will all be locked in our homes. Talk about communism.

Nancy Mitchell


Capitol insurrection

According to the Crowd Counting Consortium, a joint venture of the University of Connecticut and Harvard University that tracks protests, between 3000 and 20,000 protesters attended the events of 1/6/21, yet Review reporter Brianne Ostrander claimed “hundreds of thousands”, and Doug McLinko “half a million or more”. McLinko described the event like a party atmosphere, a real Kumbaya, bonding event. Except it wasn’t. Every person there knew what the purpose of the event was, especially McLinko, who hosted a “Freedom Rally” at the Bradford County Airport on the prior Saturday, 1/2/21, with Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon speaking via satellite. Giuliani said he, “wanted trial by combat”. Bannon said, “Wednesday is going to culminate in a classic battle for direction and control of the country and for the Constitution and so, that’s why everything we are doing on the show and everything you should be watching on Twitter right now, I can tell you behind the scenes there’s a massive fight”. There was talk of an insurrection attack on both Facebook and Parlor against the Capital Building for weeks and weeks prior to 1/6/21.

McLinko and Bob Raimo, another local organizer, claimed the thugs that stormed the Capitol Building were not Trump supporters. Does anybody believe that? It looks like they took a page out of the Trump playbook, which is lie, lie, lie. McLinko asserted that maybe it was the Proud Boys or Antifa (Anti-Fascist). There was absolutely no evidence that any Antifa members were there – another lie. Members of the Proud Boys have been arrested – by the way, what do they have to be proud of?

McLinko stated that, “Act 77 is a mess and violates our Constitution”. Act 77 was passed and signed into law on 10/31/2019, with bipartisan support. Republican House members voted 105 for, with 2 against the bill. Democrats voted 33 for and 59 against. The PA Senate passed the bill with 27 Republicans for and 14 opposed. Democratic Senators voted 33 for, and 59 opposed. Key features of Act 77 allowed for expanded absentee voting (no excuse required), and early voting. Where was the outrage from McLinko and his comrades back then? Oddly, it only surfaced when their infamous leader began to disparage election security in battleground states like PA.

Mr. McLinko should resign from office. He is an embarrassment to our community. He has demonstrated a total lack of judgement and contempt for the Rule-of-Law. Those that still think there was widespread election fraud, and that Trump won the election, should disengage from social media and stop believing conspiracy theories.

Trump has lost more than 60 lawsuits failing to present any verifiable evidence of voter fraud. It is clear that this was a free and fair election. Biden – 81,281,502 votes (306 electoral). Trump 74,222,593 votes (232 electoral).

Diane F. Gonzalez


Lost the republic

There are thousands of documented voting irregularities in 2020 Presidential Election. Each and every course of regress guaranteed under our Constitution failed. Chief Justice Roberts refused to take up the case as he feared riots would occur. SCOTUS is now a useless corrupted court that has outlived its role as it is controlled by politics, not the Constitution.

As to who invaded the Capitol Building – actual Trump supporters, Antifa/BLM interlopers or a combination of both – is still up for grabs. In consideration of the Antifa/BLM riots of summer 2020 – that Roberts feared doing the right thing would trigger a return of – what occurred on Jan. 5 was nothing. What do you suppose those who found this nation would be doing about a stolen election?

Taking it to the final step. Due to a group of individuals invading the Capitol building Congress refused to allow the submission of evidence of the steal and certified an election that was crooked, thereby committing treason.

We have lost the republic. It is now a banana republic. To be precise, it is the Barack Banana Republic ... named rightly for the one who started America down that path.

Robin Smith Lutz

New Albany