Impeachment and war

Impeachment and war

On New Year’s Eve, Donald Trump tweeted that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was the “Most overrated person I know?” He had been rage tweeting about Pelosi and she has been ignoring him, which drives him even crazier than usual. A journalist wrote that she is living in his head rent free.

Pelosi reluctantly presided over his impeachment on two articles: attempted extortion of the president of Ukraine, and obstruction of Congress. She hasn’t sent the articles to the Senate until the Senate decides to hold a real trial and call critical witnesses. While Mitch McConnell stalls, additional evidence is being uncovered that will be exceedingly uncomfortable for Republican Senators to ignore after swearing a special trial oath to be impartial. Thus, GOP Senators will have to violate two oaths where GOP Representatives violated only one.

New evidence shows the following: (1) Top Trump officials (Mulvaney, Pompeo, Esper, and former advisor Bolton) knew that Trump’s extortion of Ukraine’s president was illegal and would cause problems. Trump directly overruled them but was caught thanks to a whistleblower and testimony by crucial witnesses. (2) Another whistleblower revealed that Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank were underwritten by VTB Bank, a Russian state owned bank controlled by Putin.

Connecting the dots is getting easier. Putin wants Trump to get re-elected because, as Pelosi said of Trump, “All roads with you lead to Putin.” Trump needs a major distraction — perhaps a war with Iran. Putin knew before Congress of the Trump ordered assassination on Jan. 2 of Iran’s Soleimani. Was Trump being courteous to Putin, or was the attack Putin’s idea? Unlike Trump, Putin is no fool. Trump may default of Putin’s loans but Putin gets to be POTUS by proxy.

John L. Ferri


A better chance at success

Gov. Cuomo has recently announced financial support ($349,697) for the Waverly School District. These dollars will be used to provide early childhood programs for 3- and 4-year-olds, thereby giving many youngsters a better chance at student success in their later academic career. It was a critical step as study after study shows that early intervention is the best medicine to promote a positive outcome later in life. My hat is off to the governor and the Waverly School District.

Marty Borko