Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7, 2020

No one is above the law?

For three years, the president has been under siege and assault by the rebellious socialist Democrats. He has been attacked by the seditious machinations of the FBI, using the Russian dossier of lies paid for by Hillary Clinton, and they lied to the FISA Court to obtain warrants to spy on the president, violating his civil rights and liberties. They even enlisted the aid of foreign countries to circumvent our intelligence laws, creating an international ring of espionage in an attempt to bring down the president. We had the prevaricator, Adam Schiff, presiding over the House of Representatives during the investigation. He has told countless lies to promote his agenda; he is a purveyor of corruption. Congress has abused and weaponized its powers with a sham investigation, perverting our laws, and dismantling our Constitution in an attempt to crucify one who is more virtuous than themselves. What they have done is nothing short of a domestic attack on our election results and the Executive Branch of our government through anarchy and sedition. I am sure their rebellious subversions will continue until they destroy our president. These scoundrels seem to be totally unashamed of their corruption, and have the fortitude to tell us, “No one is above the law, not even the president.” What a bunch of haughty mendacious hypocrites!

Oh, they put on the mask of a somber face, for theatrics, while telling you it is with great sorrow we must impeach the president to save the Constitution and democracy, while their souls are erupting with euphoria and jubilation. It seems like these socialist Democrats have total immunity to prosecution. Will they ever be held accountable, or are they above the law? What has happened to liberty and justice for all?

Craig H. Pierce


Forever grateful

Illness and hospitalization are extremely stressful for the patient and their families. We all have heard and perhaps experienced feeling like just a number when being treated medically. Our family recently lost our beloved elderly father after a few months of diagnosis and treatment. He received only the best and most compassionate care from every health provider at the Guthrie Troy Community Hospital. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude to the nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, care providers, respiratory therapists, and even housekeeping staff of the Emergency Department and In-Patient Unit!

All of the staff were dedicated to ensuring every possible diagnosis was explored and all options considered. Our father and our family made all decisions after being fully informed by the medical staff. When it became clear that our father would not be able to recover, the hospital staff rallied around us all and made our father comfortable throughout his passing. The staff expressed their empathy and ensured that our family would consider the hospital like “home,” bringing coffee and food, checking on our needs and listening to us. You ensured that our mother was supported every step along the way and was a full partner in planning for her husband’s care. She was comfortable and able to be by our father’s side throughout his care and passing.

We wish we could acknowledge everyone by name, but we are certain we will not recall each highly professional, competent, conscientious and caring staff person by name. We will forever be grateful to Stacey, Alyssa, and Kelsie during our father’s final hours. To all staff at Guthrie Troy Community Hospital, you have touched our hearts and renewed our faith in the healthcare system!! We will never be able to repay you, but you have our lifelong support, gratitude, and deepest respect.

We have a medical care treasure in our own backyard — Troy Community Hospital! We thank you!

Lisa K. Wilcox


Yvonne Killian

Roger Wilcox

Carrie E. Wilcox