Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4, 2020

When Democrats show their true colors

I want to commend Bradford County’s Sheriff Walters and commissioners Doug McLinko and Daryl Miller taking a stand for our Second Amendment rights. I am saddened once again to see commissioner Ed Bustin being in lockstep with Gov. Wolf, Nancy Pelosi and the radical Democrats on this and on not cooperating with ICE agents. I always thought having a member from the other party a good thing for keeping an open mind. Ed appears to be a nice guy. But now, with a press that we can no longer trust, we better vote for like minded people who value responsible gun ownership and support ICE agents to get their hands on convicted felons whose crimes are much more that just violating our borders.

Joseph DuPont


How to be a fascist

If you want to be a leader like Hitler and Mussolini were, this is what you need to do…

First, become a charismatic leader who pretends to understand the common person and promise jobs or whatever else you think people want to hear. You give easy answers for complicated problems.

Second, you tell lies. As Hitler suggested, you repeat the lies over and over until people believe them. You attack the truth, calling it fake.

Third, you attack journalists and newspapers which oppose you. You only want people to hear what you tell them.

Fourth, you promote fear, fear of any minority so you have a scapegoat, someone to blame. You promote hatred to create a common enemy.

Eventually, you repress any opposition so that you have full control. It doesn’t matter that everyone else suffers. You were able to fool them and got what you wanted.

It’s a good thing that nothing like this could happen in the United States.

Sandra Folzer