The blame game

Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, Texas.

A TV appearance recently, the over crowding at the border, blaming President Trump for the conditions. How long has Trump been asking for money for the wall, also for humanitarian items, to help the illegal detainees?

Put the blame where it belongs, on the Congress run by Pelosi, who happens to have a salary of a quarter of a million dollars. The politicians all get raises! Did you?

They wouldn’t pass the request by the president.

How do these people get elected anyway?

The House of Representatives, under control of Pelosi and the left, have voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in our elections! This is very wrong!

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda

Parking problems

Parking in Towanda … what a mess! The brand new parking garage is open and still when arriving to Towanda to partake of the various businesses during the day hours, where can I park?

Most spaces on Main Street are taken up by renters. How do I know that? Well, because the same vehicles are there night and day. I realize that there are specified spaces well marked with signs for renters, but they are not utilizing these. I have contacted the borough office in reference to this with no outcome.

When there are no spaces for customers to park, especially for elder persons, the town dies a slow death. Business owners receive less and less income and customers end up going to other towns that have available parking near the businesses.

When there are court dates, could the courts send out information in reference to the use of the parking garage and therefore open up the Main Street? Would not the borough enforce the parking of the tenants of rentals in the borough? There are no spaces for people to park along the lovely riverwalk as there were a couple years ago; all are assigned spaces. For who are these assigned spaces for? Most of Second Street has assigned spaces. Who are these for? Seems to be a lot of rentals in Towanda, which is good for the owners of the properties but not for the people that want to visit and spend money in the town businesses. Should not the owners of these properties be held accountable for this problem? This dilemma has been bothering me for years now.

May we all be able to park and enjoy Towanda soon. It is a unique little town and could be a lovely place for people to visit.

Donna L. Fratrik Engle

North Towanda