Face it! Fauci wants us slaves to every vaccine he can make money on!

We have about 328 million people in the USA and in three months about 2.5 million people have coronavirus antibodies. At that rate it might be 30 years before everyone will have had exposure. What about the people like me who can’t remember being sick with any flu like symptoms for perhaps 50 years?

They tell us that obese and diabetic people are at greater risk of dying, but has the Wizard of Oz Fauci encouraged people to eat right, lose weight and become less diabetic? Has Fauci encouraged us to take a little zinc and take some vitamin D or get out in the sun? Something is very fishy!

Joseph DuPont


Coronavirus and the upcoming election

It drives me nuts that the media keeps hammering all the new cases of the virus. They fail to mention that most will recover because of all the new treatment methods that have been discovered. Plus, if one knocks off the number of virus deaths in the nursing homes the first round wasn’t really that bad for a major new virus situation.

One political party is hoping that there will be a lot of deaths from this round of the virus because they think it will help them win an election. They are only interested in something that might make the current president look bad and they don’t give a hoot about the poor victims of the virus. They truly are a sad bunch.

I feel sorry for the Democrats having to run the no ethics Biden for president. He, his son and his brother got millions of dollars of money out of Ukraine and China. What do you suppose those countries got in return? Biden has been part of the administration that gave American industrialization to China along with all the jobs that went with it. President Trump, who is a non-politician, has been trying to level the playing field with China and fix the wrongs of Democrats and Republicans of the past decade or two. He will continue to work at correcting that imbalance. Heaven help us if the China-loving Biden gets in office as he will tear down all the gains that have been made to right the ship of state with regards to China. Trump already has all the money he needs and does not have to spend 90% of his time trying to get reelected as the politicians do. He is a problem solver who only wants to make America better.

The bottom line is that Biden has always been a follower and not a leader. He will only be a puppet of those who really pull the strings in Washington.

Ken Cooke