Letters to the Editor, June 27, 2019

$8 tax

Gov. Wolf has proposed a “fee” to every municipality that utilizes the Pennsylvania State Police. There is to be an $8 per person charge for everyone in a municipality. Proceeds are to be submitted to the sink hole, Harrisburg. It is to help defray the cost of the state police force. Wasn’t that what part of the state income tax was supposed to be used for.

Let’s do some plain talking here.

First off, let’s cut through Gov. Wolf’s baloney. Let’s call the “fee” what it really is, a TAX. Plain and simple. To borrow an expression: A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Secondly, understand the governor has proposed to RAISE TAXES on rural Pennsylvanians! Don’t be fooled. While it is not coming out of your paycheck directly, it still does. It will come out of the bank accounts of your municipality. Yes, your property taxes. Therefore, it does come out of your pocket. And, sooner or later your local officials will have to raise local taxes to cover this new tax.

Lastly, understand this proposed tax is a slippery slope. Two points here. When was the last time your taxes were lowered and how long do you think it will be before they dream up another fee? You know the answer.

A municipality is a “political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” With that comes a “tax free” designation! Regardless, Gov. Wolf wants to tax municipalities rather than raise the state income tax. Hogwash! We, local municipalities, ARE NOT tax collectors for the state and cannot be taxed by the state.

What do we do? Call your local representatives and tell them to vote NO on this measure. And while you are at it, tell them you vote. They’ll get the message.

Kurt D. Lafy


Paint the Town Purple

The Main Link Mental Health Peer Support Center would like to thank all who helped make the 9th annual Paint the Town Purple and Light the Night event possible. Thank you to the area service providers who joined us in providing information regarding services available to the community such as A Better Today, Allied Services, Amica, Abuse Rape Crisis Center, BEST Transit, Bradford Recovery/White Deer Run, Bradford Co. Intellectual Disability, Bradford Co. Mental Health, Brittany Cooley, Caring Communities, Endless Mts. Addiction Awareness, Keith Kinsman (Family and Friends), Merakey, Northern Tier Counseling, Nurse Family Practitioners, Pa. Dept. of Health, Scott Mayers, Valley Suicide Prevention and Awareness, Trinity Addiction Treatment, Veterans Affairs. Thank you to Scott Mayers and Community Care Behavioral Health for their generous donation to support this event. To the staff and members of the Main Link and all who came out to support and participate in Paint the Town Purple and Light the Night: You all made the event a huge success. With your dedication and passion regarding Mental Health Awareness, we will continue our mission to stomp out the Stigma of Mental Illness.

Anne Beauchemin

Co-executive director of The Main Link