Letters to the Editor, May 19, 2020

Hungry for power

Many liberal congressmen and governors seem to falsely believe they are omnipotent leaders of a free nation. They have lifted themselves up in their pride, boasting of their riches, feeling they have moral and intellectual superiority over the rest of us. They have encircled themselves with evil entities, both spiritual and temporal. They are using this crisis to promote their liberal, socialist, and malicious agendas to control huge masses of people, through oppression, intimidation, and tyranny. They have become gluttons for power and devourers of liberty. They disgrace the throne of their own governorship.

If you dare to defy their orders, you may find yourself arrested with massive fines and jailed. These blue state governors will unleash the fury of Hell upon you through their draconian tactics, while letting convicted felons out of prison. Their unwritten rule is, shut-up, listen, and obey. All these liberal autocratic governors and judges seem to delight in seeking their power and happiness through their authoritarianism and depravities. They seem to delight in holding the sword of totalitarianism over the head of their constituents, and stealing their liberties.

I realize we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we must take precautions to stop the spread of this virus. However, many of their executive orders, make little intellectual sense, and have little regard for the basic principles of our constitutional rights or civil liberties. If they don’t let go of their dictatorial control soon, they will totally destroy our economic system.

Through their ruthless tactics, these blue state governors are bringing condemnation upon themselves. Most Americans are not willing to exchange their liberties for authoritarianism. If these governors continue, they may, metaphorically speaking, bring the swords of justice, freedom, and liberty upon their own heads through civil disobedience.

Craig H. Pierce


Good reading

Mr. Ferri, I like to read your LTEs for their info, but I also get to hear from good old Mr. Fedorchak Sr. Then sometimes people get to hear from Jerry, who responds to the former NEB resident.

Mr. Fedorchak, you seem to think no one would drink or inject themselves with Lysol. Do you remember when people drank the Kool-Aid from a guy named Jones? Do you recall people killing themselves so they could get on a comet? You see, some people tend to follow what people with authority do and say. Do you agree?

Now, you, Vice President Pence, and a very few others believe Trump saved lives by banning flights from Chine and Europe. If he only acted two weeks before. Here’s a few more facts. The Obama Administration left Trump with a pandemic playbook. Trump ignored it. Trump also abolished an office called Pandemic Preparedness. He also cut a global monitoring system by 75%. Trump was advised on these plans when he entered office. In 2018, he made a decision to disband the National Security Council’s Global Health Unit. Do you think more lives would have been saved? Mr. Ferri, keep writing. You keep me and Mr. Fedorchak busy. By the way, did Mr. Fedorchak lend you a fiver and you forgot to pay him back? Just wondering.

Jerry McMenamin


Do we know the significance of 1922?

The recent events with armed protesters do not bode well, especially when we have an alleged leader encouraging them. He wants them to intimidate and threaten anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

That brings us to the real problem. We have no leadership. In going into battle, it is necessary to have an objective, a plan, a strategy, have the resources necessary to carry out the plan. There is no plan or strategy other than to try and make Trump look good.

He is acting just like Hitler when the Russians were approaching Germany and Berlin. He ignored his generals and intelligence. We all know the result of that decision. Trump ignores science, the advice of his experts, and makes decisions that can only be characterized as ill-conceived if not stupid. The American people are going to pay the price of his stupidity and that of his enablers.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone since he hasn’t been able to lead this country in any successful way since he took office. What concerns me even more is his and his supporters’ words that we need to sacrifice lives in order to preserve the economy. Trump can only work on one line of thought and that is to ensure his reelection, to which the economy is key. I do not suggest that preserving the economy is not important. I do suggest that to start off by saying we may have to have people die to save the economy demonstrates a callous disregard for human life. Is this an attempt to soften us up for more drastic measures on devaluing human lives?

A true leader would be working to bring people together to work on a common goal and plan, neither of which do we have.

We are seeing Trump use Obama, Clinton, the press and the Democrats as scapegoats to cover up his stupidity, his lies, his disregard of the Constitution.

Jack Schamel