Letters to the Editor, May 29, 2019

Thanking the voters

I want to thank the voters of North Towanda Township for their confidence in once again electing me as a township supervisor.

The township has had many accomplishments in the past 25 years.

We have a new garage to house our road equipment. We paid this debt early, saving many thousands of dollars.

We have a new office building to replace our aging office, which was inadequate and needed repair.

Our roads, though damaged by flooding, are in good condition, which are maintained with monies available.

All this has occurred with fellow supervisors Charmaine H. Stempel and Jazz Sheets. Our employees, Roadmaster Jazz Sheets and Norman Gibbs, are knowledgeable and hard working. Our Secretary-Treasurer Carol S. Pierce keeps the township operating and conforming with all state laws. She’s extremely competent!

Another person who accomplished much was Bob Sheets. Our auditors and planning commission have performed admirably.

I cannot forget our law firm, Foster and Foster, for competent legal advice.

David W. Brubaker

North Towanda

Let’s get something straight

The Constitution created the separation of powers within our government. The framers of the Constitution said no man is above the law. Those elected to office and appointed by the president take an oath to “uphold and defend” the Constitution of the United States. Barr, as attorney general, is in a separate branch of government from the president. He is our lawyer, not the president’s. He has violated his ethics as an attorney by his misleading statements. An attorney is not to mislead his clients and the American people are his clients. As an attorney he knows that you don’t ignore lawful subpoenas. If you think they are invalid then you go to court to quash. The courts have long held the right of Congress to subpoena. For Barr and the president to ignore the very principles of the legal system is only further evidence of the president and his henchman ignoring their oath of office. It is time for both to be held accountable.

To do nothing in the face of the erosion of the principles of separation of powers allows those in powers to ignore the rule of law and literally hands over the reins of government to those now in office.

In the thirties and early forties the German people thought of Hitler as a clown and lazy. I fear we are underestimating Trump. He is surrounding himself with people who will do his bidding. Remember, Hitler didn’t take over the government in one move.

Impeachment is not a bad word, it’s a word our founding fathers wrote in the Constitution. It’s a tool to stop tyranny, deposition, and the destruction of democracy.

It is now time for our representatives to use that tool. Those who won’t show cowardice and do not deserve to remain in office.

Jack Schamel