Death toll

According to, covid related deaths in the U.S. as of Nov. 17 were at 245,470 or an average of 762 per day, every day.

The same site tells us smoking related deaths in the U.S. are around 480,000 per year or 1300 a day every day.

I question why these governors are so willing to shut down the economy and ruin people’s lives over a virus but turn a blind eye to something preventable that kills almost twice as many every year .

Just wondering.

Dean Vanderpool


Joseph Stalin must be laughing in his grave

The brutal Joseph Stalin once said:”I don’t care who votes. I care about who counts the votes.” The corruption by the Democrats in the voting process is insulting and a travesty to our republic. Poll watchers were kept at least 15 feet from the ballots so that the only thing they could observe would be running ballots through a shredding machine or burning them. Nothing to see here. Move along. America is doomed. Our one bit of hope against the deep state has been dashed into the ground.

Joseph DuPont