Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8, 2019


Congratulations to NTL athletes for a strong, outstanding season. Individual performances from Troy to Wellsboro and beyond, team efforts from Wyalusing to Towanda to Athens to Troy to Canton and so many more, reveal the exceptional character and athleticism of NTL athletes. Volleyball, cross country, soccer, football, performances and commitments including tennis and golf drive families emotionally and in our daily activities. When it’s all said and done our kids settle down in academics, jobs, and the next sport which will be included in great memories of competition and hard work. Congratulations to NTL fall athletes.

Alex Tate



The Democrats are still at it. The Mueller report wasn’t enough to try and destroy President Trump. Now impeachment!

A whistleblower that could be a spy for the Democrats — a lot of people believe this. Now, there are two. Who do you believe?

Leaders move people through the changes of behavior, attitude, and values that take us toward a more hopeful future.

President Trump and his trusted team are doing this!

Our economy is booming. The unemployment rate is near its lowest level in 50 years, wages are rising, more Americans are in the workforce than ever before. The job report was excellent in October. The Dow and stock market took a big leap, and again people are investing. Pennsylvania ranks 23rd with yearly pay $57,000. The news recently saying two new medical facilities are being built.

Stand up for America. Threats against America, creeping socialism, Green New Deal, it is outright crazy. Free college for who? My grandchildren paying for these! Medicare For All at what cost to the taxpayer? Let us pick our own medical plan!

The danger of unsecured borders, sanctuary cities, and contempt for our law enforcement, shootings, break-ins, muggings, car jackings, etc. ... Illegals are draining our resources.

The hostile regimen of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and the terrorists want what we Americans have. Freedom!

President Trump is always thinking of what is best for America. We as people of the USA, we should choose a man we can trust. President Trump 2020!

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda