Letters to the Editor, Nov. 26, 2019

Roundabout concerns

A recent newspaper release stated that PennDOT is considering a roundabout (traffic circle) for the intersection of Route 6 and Route 187. I urge the Wysox and surrounding communities to attend any upcoming PennDOT informational meetings to voice concerns involving this reconstruction. I have spoken to many local residents and they have many concerns about this project. all I have spoken to are very against a roundabout, citing several different reasons. It is my opinion that the project would be a deterrent rather than an improvement, citing traffic flow and accidents. This small community and its drivers are not ready for a roundabout. This PennDOT option is their number one option. There are two other options proposed that I would be eager to review, which I believe to be a more common sense upgrade to this intersection. Please attend the meetings and have a say in your community.

Victor Franklin


Is Trump working for Russia?

Is Donald Trump working for Vladimir Putin? Evidence follows:

A year ago, Trump blocked condemnation of Putin after Rus

  • sia attacked Ukrainian ships in Ukrainian waters and held the crew captive.
  • Last year, Trump cancelled U.S. naval exercises in the Black Sea because they upset Putin.
  • Trump wants Russia readmitted to the G-7 despite their removal for invading and occupying Crimea, a part of Ukraine.
  • Trump held up military aid to Ukraine casting doubt that the U.S. is a reliable ally thus weakening Ukraine’s position. Putin still views Ukraine as a part of Russia.
  • U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, quit when he realized that Trump was trying to extort the president of Ukraine. Volker’s job was to help Ukraine negotiate with Russia. He was not replaced.
  • Trump help up javelin anti-tank missiles from Ukraine after they were approved by the National Security Council, the Dept. of Defense, and the State Department to defend against an ongoing Russian invasion in Crimea.
  • Trump pulled U.S. troops out of Syria, abandoning our Kurdish allies after a phone call with Turkey’s president. Russia soldiers now occupy
  • a former U.S. base in Syria.
  • Turkey, a NATO member, recently purchased Russian anti-aircraft missiles. NATO was formed to counter Russian aggression. This could be a grave danger to U.S. aircraft.
  • Trump attempted to promote a conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine and not Russia that interfered in the U.S 2016 elections, despite multiple investigations, including a bipartisan Senate investigation, that showed it was Russia. This conspiracy is actively being spread by Putin.

Every one of the above decisions by Trump benefits Putin to the detriment of the United States. It’s as if Trump is following orders from Putin who wants to make Russia great again.

John L. Ferri