Is this the “Invasion of the body snatchers III?

One only has to watch the either version of the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” to get an eerie feeling about the combined efforts of the fake news media, Facebook, deep state RINO “Republicans” and the CIA to stop Trump from putting America first. The deep state now knows how to press the right buttons to make us accept living in fear and to grovel while ignoring our basic Constitutional rights. If you want to get our country back I suggest you give President Trump four more years. He deserves them a hell of a lot more than Obama did!

Joseph DuPont


Really knowing Biden

Joe Biden was a disrespectful, disgusting person, calling President Trump a liar, racist and a clown. Shameful. President Trump was aggressive, refuting what Biden was accusing him of. He did a great job.

I say we need to be very afraid. Defunding the police, taking away our guns. Who will protect us?

Green new deal – eliminate air travel, cars, emissions from manufacturing. Rebuild our buildings. Does this include solar panels in our grasslands and windmills in our yards for electric? Do away with fossil fuels, gas, oil and our cars. You have to be rich to buy electric cars.

No borders for America. A guaranteed income for young healthy citizens who refuse to work. Erase Christianity, our moral fence in American public life, and freedom of speech, freedom of religion.

This is what President Trump is up against. He has built a great America. People are back to work, earning a living, paying lower taxes, a safer place for us. We need him four more years! The Chinese Communists have figured out how to defect America without firing a shot! Buy off our leaders.

You wouldn’t believe the corrupt deals the Biden family made with China. These deals weren’t worth billions of dollars, they were worth trillions of dollars. Biden invested with the Bank of China!

In December 2013, Biden took his son Hunter on Air Force Two with him to China. This was an official trip and Hunter wasn’t an official of the U.S. Government.

In 2014, Biden’s BHR Partners became an anchor investor in China general nuclear power company CGN, a state-owned business. Two years later CGN was charged with espionage by the Justice Department for stealing U.S. nuclear secrets. In 2015, BHR began working with Chinese aerospace company AVIC to acquire American companies that made technologies with civilian and military uses. A year later AVIC introduced China’s J-20 stealth fighter, a ripoff of the F35 that the Chinese hacked from our computer system.

Joyce E. Richlin

North Towanda