Where’s the Durham Report?

This Durham Report has been a hanging carrot in front of the conservative horse-cart for a couple of years now. We have been repeatedly told to “just wait until the Durham Report comes out.

Then the Perpetrators of the coup d’etat against the Trump Administration will finally get what’s coming to them.” We have waited, and waited as the anticipated Report was pushed back farther and farther. Now we come to a point where the promised Report will not be forthcoming until sometime AFTER the 2020 election.

Something is ROTTEN here. Facts relevant to certain individuals involved in this investigation have become indisputable evidence of corruption within many high level government institutions. This is public knowledge. Justice has, thus-far, been withheld. The guilty have not faced trial, let alone punishment for their egregious transgressions.

One wonders if the lauded John Durham is truly seeking justice or hoping that fortune might smile on the president’s challengers in the upcoming election, whereupon All of this corruption will magically go away and be swept under the rug.

Then the REAL trials will begin against the “Horrible” 45th president of the United States.

Art Korfmann


Buying a book

I am having a hard time reading my notes from last evening (Oct. 4), but I was truly impressed by the discussion on Fox News — “Life, Liberty and Levin” regarding the new book by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. I am going to get it!

In the book, Cruz discusses the need to reelect Donald J. Trump to protect our Christian heritage, the Catholic Church, and put the brakes on the forcing of a Catholic nun group to pay for forced illegal abortions!

For anyone interested in the subject, I would suggest getting the book ”One Vote Away” by Cruz.

Sadly, I do have local Catholic friends who might “throw caution to the wind” and vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris anyhow!

Ramon Yale