Are all these people wrong?

The following groups of people have all indicated they will not vote for Trump in 2020 with many of them endorsing Biden.

  • Former Trump Appointees: John Bolton – National Security Advisor; Jim Mattis – Secretary of Defense; John Kelly – Chief of Staff; Anthony Scaramucci – Press Secretary; Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State; Elizabeth Newman – Department of Homeland Security; Miles Taylor – Homeland Security; and Olivia Troye – Coronavirus Task Force.
  • Former and present Republican Leaders: Tom Ridge – Governor; John Kasich –Governor; Ari Fleisher – Press Secretary; Colin Powell – Secretary of State; George Bush – President; Mitt Romney – senator; Larry Hogan – Governor of Maryland; and all members of the Lincoln project: Charlie Dent and David Jolley.
  • Two hundred former Retired Admirals and Generals including John Allen; Mike Mullen; Richard Myers; Martin Dempsey; William McRaven; James Stavridis; and “Tony” Thomas.
  • Seventy former Republican National Security advisors including Michael Hayden – CIA director; William Webster – FBI and CIA chief; John Negroponte – Director of National Intelligence; and Chuck Hagel – Defense Secretary.
  • Presidential Historians: Michael Beschloss; Doris Kearns Goodwin; and Jon Meacham.
  • All five editors of the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Family members including sister Maryanne and niece Mary.
  • Republicans who left the party: Joe Scarborough – host “Morning Joe;” George Will – Conservative Columnist; Max Boot – Conservative Columnist; Richard Painter – Bush Ethics lawyer; Steve Schmidt – top George W. Bush aide; Jennifer Rubin – author of the right turn; and Bill Kristol – neoconservative political analyst and former VP chief of staff.
  • All five former CDC directors, doctors Frieden; Besser; Gerberding; Satcher and Koplan.

Fred Hunt

Standing Stone

The Towanda ‘Y’ and COVID

I have attended Silver Sneakers for two years and Yoga for one. These are wonderful programs for seniors to tone up, improve balance, and restore flexibility. Not to mention the wonderful social aspect of the programs.

The pandemic shut us down in March, but we have re-established both programs several months ago, albeit with reduced attendance. I understand that, given that members are in an ‘at risk’ group. However, the “Y” staff has implemented procedures designed to keep us safe:

1. All attendees are required to wear a mask until the point where program movements are begun.

2. Pre-COVID, we were distanced to allow adequate space for the movements. Now, we are even further distanced to enhance safety.

3. At the conclusion of both programs, the equipment, including chairs, is sanitized.

These practices, along with the blessedly minimal COVID experiences of Bradford County, make me feel 100% safe at these programs. I strongly encourage previous attendees and any new ones to give Silver Sneakers and Yoga a test drive. You will be impressed!

Silver Sneakers meets Mon and Fri at 10 a.m.; Yoga is Tuesday at 10 a.m. I hope to see you there.

Theodore J. Rieth