Response to Joyce Richlin

I see that Ms. Richlin has done it again with another letter distorting the facts. Mr. Biden has never said he supports defunding police, and neither is he in favor of the Green New Deal. It is also quite ludicrous to say that he wants to eliminate air travel and automobiles. He spoke of rebuilding the environment that the current administration has tried to destroy. His plan is to eventually eliminate or extremely reduce emissions in the future with the use of solar power and how is the placement of solar panels any different than the gas wells that already fill our landscape. Mr. Biden wants to ensure that future generations will breathe clean air and live in a nation with clean air and clean water which contrasts with our current Presidential policies.

Concerning China, there has been no evidence to show that any laws were broken even though it was not a good idea for him and his son to get involved in Chinese investment; however, Ms. Richlin fails to mention the lucrative trademark protections that Ivanka Trump was given by the Chinese government. In fact, Trump’s children were called “bagmen” for Trump’s businesses by George Bush’s ethics advisor.

Finally, it may have been wrong to call Mr. Trump a “clown” but I see nothing in her letter condemning Mr. Trump for calling Ms. Harris a witch, or making disparaging remarks about Mr. Biden, Elizabeth Warren and physically and mentally handicapped individuals. When you are caught lying over 20,000 times and cannot condemn white supremacist groups, then how can you not be labeled a liar and a racist. As my parents used to say, if the shoe fits, wear it.

Mike Angerson


Glenn Seaborg

Glenn Seaborg was the shared recipient of the Nobel prize in chemistry, a past president, chancellor and professor of chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley and the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) from 1961 to 1971.

In 1966 Dr. Seaborg, during a graduation address, shared his concern for GLOBAL WARMING due to fossil fuels and was searching for ways to use other energy sources. During the hearing for the Supreme Court associate on October 14, 2020 the nominee stated that climate change was still a debated subject and not as clear as the covid virus was the causative agent for the present pandemic.

Let me assure all who can read that the global warming of climate change is real. This is due to the increased atmospheric level of carbon dioxide and methane, with methane being conservatively more than 20 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. Locally the last 7 Septembers have been the warmest in over 100 years.

The process of oil and gas exploration, led by people like Rex Tillerson, have led to exploitation of local land-owners as well as nations around the globe. The process has led to poisoned water and air as well as a waste of resource with the flaring of escaping gas, leaking well heads of methane, earthquakes, and spilled fracking fluids.

Human contributed climate change has led to both more and more severe hurricanes, more drought and more severe forest fires and most importantly melting continental glaciers causing rising ocean levels. The rising sea level is threatening coastal cities around the globe and will lead to mass emigration and chaos. Our military leaders recognize this threat.

Dr. Seaborg predicted this in 1966. Do we have the leadership to save the planet for future generations? For your children and grandchildren? We need to convert to renewable energy sources, use the best conservation practices and incentivise for a stable environment, which we are a part of.

Marty Borko