Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9, 2019

RE: John Ferri’s LTE of Oct. 6

Apparently, John is unaware that President Trump publicly disclosed, or else he did not read, the transcript of the infamous phone call with the Ukrainian president. John, THERE WAS NO QUID PRO QUO. The Ukrainian president confirmed this FACT. You can bring as many whistleblowers as you like but it is all second or third hand info regarding a non-impeachable act. Interestingly, the whistleblower rules were secretly changed in September (BUT backdated to August) from requiring FIRST HAND info to allow water-cooler rumors. Hmm!

Now, why are the leading Democrats pursuing this non-impeachable act and avoiding the real corruption crime in the Ukraine? Well, in addition to Biden’s son and John Kerry’s step son getting big bribes from a Ukrainian energy company, we now find out that Nancy Pelosi’s son was also “serving” on the board of another Ukrainian energy company. Adam Schiff, as well as Romney’s staff, had questionable dealings with the Ukrainians. Democrats Menendez, Durbin, Leahy actually had quid pro quo with Ukrainian officials to cooperate with the Mueller scam. I suspect there are many more with questionable (illegal?) activities with foreign governments. Those are real crimes that need investigation.

It is interesting that after three years of the Democrats investigating Trump, the only thing they uncovered is their own crimes. They have nothing else but smearing (as they tried with Justice Kavanaugh), they have no platform (not one they can sell to the American people anyway), and their Alinsky tactics no longer work. In the meantime nothing is getting done to benefit America/Americans, i.e., USMCA, prescription drug prices, border security, infrastructure, illegal drugs, to name just a few.

I predict there will be many, many more in trouble from within the Obama/Biden/Clinton regime than from the Trump administration. The Barr, Durham Investigation into the investigators will be issued soon, and many in the deep state are trembling.

John J. Fedorchak Sr.

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Former Bradford County resident

A comment

On Sept. 23, I attended a funeral in East Smithfield. Interestingly, I received a number of comments, complimentary, regarding my letters to the editor. One old friend asked why I have slowed down on my submissions. I had to tell him that it was partly “old age” and partly due to restrictive limits by The Review on insertions by commentators regardless of lack of available space.

However, the events in Washington that week have created a stimulation effect. The fiasco regarding President Trump’s visit and conversation with the new Ukrainian president and their discussions regarding ex Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, to say the least, have been hard to ignore.

And I truly wish at this point that The Review could go back and change their Monday headline on the subject to “Democrats want answers on Trump’s digging up Joe Biden’s Dirty Deal!”

Ramon Yale