9/11 – a moment of silence, a moment of love

On Sept. 11, 2020, the 19th anniversary of the terrorist’s attacks upon our soil, let us again remember, honor and reflect on those who perished, and the families and friends they left behind. We must keep our flags flying, and participate in ceremonies that will keep the memories alive for the past, present and all future generations.

We must reserve a moment of silence, and reflect on the events, and share our love and compassion for the victims and family members. On this day of infamy, our hearts along with those who have perished and those left behind, will be united. This attack on our country, and our principals must never be forgotten.

We honor those who perished in New York World Trade Center towers attack, which included: Flight 175 passengers (51) and crew members (9); Flight 11 passengers (76) and crew members (11); and those in the towers – firefighters, police, response teams, medical, and other agencies and individuals (2,605), for a total of 2,752 victims. I lost 15 of my fellow Villanova graduates in the towers.

We honor those who perished in the Pentagon attack in Arlington, Virginia, which included: Flight 77 passengers (53) and crew members (6), and those in the Pentagon that included military and civilian personnel (125) for a total of 184 victims. I lost my Northrop Grumman Corporation co-worker Julian Cooper.

We honor those who perished on a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Somerset County, whose actions on board the aircraft, prevented the aircraft from continuing on the course to what was determined to be our White House, included: Flight 93 passengers (33) and crew members (7), for a total of 40 and an unborn child.

We must never forget our 9/11 victims as we love our country, and be proud that we are Americans. At every opportunity, we must also thank our military members, veterans and various agencies who are responsible protecting our country.

God Bless America, our 9/11 victims and families, our military, our veterans, our wounded warriors, and our citizens.

Michael H. Skurecki


The upcoming presidential election

First of all, If you know me, you know that I fully support President Trump for a second term. I have always been very adamant about my political affiliation and that affiliation has been with the Democratic Party, until four years ago. My family have always been Republicans, but I liked what the Democratic Party represented at that time. I was always an advocate for the blue-collar worker and I truly believed that the Democratic Party supported the working class people. The Democratic Party has changed so radically that I don’t even recognize the values it once had! Now the Democratic Party has taken a big step toward full-blown socialism, along with the economic dysfunction and social strife. They are demanding the green new deal, socialized medicine, abortion on demand, open borders, abolishing the electoral college, packing the supreme court, and an end to free speech. Do I like everything that President Trump says and does? Absolutely not! However, despite the things that I do not agree with about him, he has done more good for our country in the last four years, then any other president has. I happen to love our country and want to preserve our values. I will not vote for Democrats simply because I have done that all of my life. If you look at which direction the Democratic Party is going, it certainly is not for the benefit of the workingman. Your taxes will be raise sky high and the illegal immigrants will get all the free stuff and you will be paying for it. If you find that what I am saying is untrue, please look at the democratic platform. From where they stood years ago, they have taken a drastic radical turn. All I am asking is that you consider the facts! On Nov. 3, I will be voting for my country.

Gail Henneman

Terre Haute, Indiana

Former Sullivan County resident