Who’s responsible

Somebody has to pay for all the destruction of cities from the looting, burning of buildings, and destroying people’s properties and their lives. It’s obvious that the governors and mayors of these states and cities did not want to do their job by not responding to the first sign of violence with the use of force to enforce the rule of law. This is how people are protected. Instead, they allowed the violence to get out of hand. Therefore, the governors and mayors should be the ones held responsible and accountable. And, as coincidence would have, these cities and states that suffered severe destruction are Democratically controlled. Imagine that!

Why would anyone, especially families, want to live in any of these cities in states where the the mayors and governors are allowing this violence and destruction to continue? This is a great country and we the people need to unite and keep America great by casting our votes on Nov. 3, 2020.

Responding to Dale Adams comments in The Daily Review on July 18, 2020, I must say that either you obviously have not done much reading or research or you completely ignore the reality of what is really happening in this country. It seems to me that you are like a typical radical who is stuck in a vehicle on a Democrat Platform and you can’t get off because your car won’t start. Just read your dash and research your gauges, then you will see that your gas gauge is on empty. Wake up Dale Adams, you have been asleep way too long. I do not write conspiracy letters only documented facts. And as to the letters from Warren Roberts (July 12, 2020) and Craig Pierce (July 16, 2020), their opinions appear to be correct and on the money.

Walt Steciw