We need a partner

Aug. 4 Rep. Keller signed on as co-sponsor to the “Defund Cities that Defund the Police Act,” a fact touted in a brief article in Thursday’s Daily Review (9/3/20).

According to Congress.gov, the proposed Act would “prohibit a jurisdiction that defunds the police from receiving grants under certain Economic Development Assistance Programs and the Community Development Block Grant Program.”

The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority in state and local policing, so Rep. Keller and others would create an authority for themselves through extortion, holding local governments hostage, bullying them into doing things a certain way with blatant disregard for their rights.

Municipalities across the country are struggling with racial and socio-economic injustice and criminal justice reform. In looking for new ways to address these entrenched problems, some are considering defunding the police, scrapping the current system entirely and building something new. While this is not a plan that I would endorse for our community, who am I, and who is Rep. Keller, to say what is right for another community.

What ever happened to small government and local control? To consideration of local preferences in addressing the needs of their own community?

As the Representative of the 12th District, I would work with communities to assist them in any way that I could to achieve the solutions that they choose for their local area.

I may present ideas and participate in problem solving, but I would not tell them what their solutions should or should not be.

This Bill is yet another example of the federal government and politicians like Rep. Keller, acting in a parental role towards the states, limiting states’ rights “for their own good.” We don’t need a parental federal government limiting our rights. We need a partner in the federal government, protecting our rights.

Liz Terwilliger

Warren Center

Agree to disagree

To Mr. Angerson, you don’t know me and I don’t care to know you. First Amendment!

So the networks don’t do fact checking on these ads before airing them. They get paid big bucks for the ads! I would think they would be truthful!

President Trump accuses the networks of fake news! We aren’t supposed to believe anything they say? The ads about Biden “Defund the Police” with Biden’s picture and him saying yes-yes. So they posted it?

The lady dialing 911, with figures in the background, then the phone lying on the floor. “A home invasion.” Then the people under the bed, dialing 911 and being told it would be 17 minutes before they respond.

Finally, “you won’t be safe in Biden’s America.” This could very well be true. Biden wants open borders. So illegal criminals, drug dealers, sex traffickers, muggers, murderers, carjackers, people who do home invasions. “This country will not be safe.” We need to complete the wall.

As for the “Green New Deal,” I want to keep my car, so I will need gasoline. I agree the crazy proposals of Ms. Cartez. Maybe they won’t get accepted!

The economy may have started in 2009, but it didn’t do anything for my Social Security. It stayed the same during the Obama-Biden years. Finally in 2016 I have a raise each year.

Sorry you feel my writings are ramblings, freedom of speech.

Joyce Richlin

North Towanda