Wellsboro Green Hornets

Head Coach: Todd Fitch

Assistant coaches: Wes Wood, Brandon Plume

Record last season: 14-5 (Regular Season); 10-2 (NTL)

Returning Players: Luke Leach (12), Austin Richards (12), Sam Freeman (11), Jonathan Wetzel (11), Joseph Grab (11), Kaeden Mann (11), Will Poirier (11), Zach Rowland (11), Ethan Ryan (11), Zach Singer (11), Ethan Barlett (10), Dustin Benedict (10), Gavin Gardner (10), Brody Morral (10), Matthew Richards (10), Owen Richardson (10)

Newcomers: Alvaro Garza-Seijo (11), Luke Pondo (11), Ayden Magli (10), Aaronn Boyden (9), Jackson Brill (9), Aiden Gehman (9), Matthew Keister (9), Peyton McClure (9), Jack Poirier (9), Sam Rudy (9)

Player to watch: Will Poirier, Kaeden Mann

Thoughts on this year’s team: With only two seniors, we are a young team and must fill the void left by our seven graduated seniors, including all-state player Brett Rudy and NTL Co-Player of the year, Cameron Tennis.

Thoughts on the league this season: Athens will again set a high bar for NTL teams to try and reach.

Sayre Redskins

Head Coach: Greg Hughey

Assistant coach: Rich Post

Record last year: 1-13

Returning Players: Cody VanBenthuysen, Dylan Yale, Connor Young, Gunner McCutcheon, Mason Hughey, Robert Forbes, Trevor Campbell, Kaden Petrocco, Laterrien Stewart, Nick Park

Newcomers: Brayden Post, Will Trump, Patrick Shaw, Jia Yang Huang, Riley Osborn

Players to watch: Cody VanBenthuysen, Connor Young, Mason Hughey

Thoughts on the league this season: We are still a fairly young team who has mostly played together for on full season. Main focus is on teamwork, communication and just getting better each week. We need to be all in this year to make our season a success.

Thoughts on the league this season: Lots of talent to watch in the NTL. Should be a strong league and a tough schedule.

North Penn-Liberty Mountaineers

Head Coach: Matthew Grinnell

Assistant coaches: Brian Litzelman

Record last season: 7-9

Returning players: Caiden Alexander, Kevin Alexander, Nolan Frederick, River Hicks-Lee, Zachary Hoffman, Thomas King, Nathan Kreger, Daniel Lawrence, Stettson McGovern, Tayler Nelson, Dakota Webster, Kurtis Wetzel, Michael Harman, Sam Baumgartner, Aladen Jackson

Newcomers: Elijah Wright, Tristyn Shuman, Derek Litzelman, Ian Harer, Brody Burleigh, Jackson Brion

Players to watch: The Alexander boys, Sam, Aladen, Jackson, Dereck, Taylor

Thoughts on this year’s team: I think we will do good. We will win some and lose some. Hopefully make the playoffs.

Thoughts on the league this season: I think Athens and Wellsboro will be the teams to beat.

Williamson Warriors

Head Coach: Kyle Adriance

Assistant coach: Eric Dougherty

Record last season: 4-8

Returning players: Gabe Prince, Brennan Bolt, Connor Kerr, Caleb Morgan, Sam Cummings, Caleb Coots, Nolan Smith, Josh Hultz, Gavin Davis, Andrew Berkan, Troy Burrous, Glenn Barnes, Bryce Baker

Newcomers: Ben Anderson, Trent Achey, Kaeden Thomas, Stephen Gohr, Robert Kipfrel, Erik Berkan, Eli Kaufman, Duncan Kerr, Cody Peers

Players to watch: Gabe Prince, Brennan Bolt, Connor Kerr, Caleb Morgan, Sam Cummings, Caleb Coots, Nolan Smith, Josh Hultz, Gavin Davis, Andrew Berkan, Troy Burrous

Thoughts on this year’s team: We have a solid core of players that I believe have great potential and ability. I believe we can be a very competitive team this year. I am looking forward to what this group has to offer this year and in the future years. Go Warriors!

Thoughts on the league this season: The league will be competitive as there is a lot of talent in the district, but we are excited for the challenge.

Northern Potter Panthers

Head Coach: Bill Moon

Assistant coach: Justin Hoven

Record last season: 6-9-1

Returning players: Ezra Sprow (12), A.J. Lehman (12), Ryan Langworthy (11), Zach Wright (11), Tre Slwason (11), Pat Lehman (11), Ricky Kunselman (11), Ben Torrey (10), Rylee Copp (10), Cale Kosa (10), Christian Fuller (10), Gary Bliss (10)

Newcomers: Aiden Swetland (9), Garrett Fuhrer (9), Wyatt Kibbe (9), Wesley Jacoby (9), Carter Thompson (9)

Players to watch: We have a great group of returning players this season. We look to have AJ Lehman and Ezra Sprow control the middle of the pitch. Zach Wright, Patrick Lehman, and Rick Kunselman will all help us out defensively while Tre Slawson is dangerous from any area during the attack.

Thoughts on this year’s team: The team has a strong core of players returning this season. We have a mix of size and speed and look to be competitive on the pitch.

Thoughts on the league this season: The NTL is a tough league and always has been. This season we will move out of the NTL and into the UAL so we can get a chance at some of the teams we will face in Districts. We will still continue to play Galeton and Williamson and they have always been good match-ups for us.

Northeast Bradford Panthers

Head coach: Dan Martin

Assistant coach: Braeden Frisbie

Record last season: 12-8

Returning players: Brady Brown (12), D.J. Brown (12), Brennen Canfield (12), Kenric Ricci (11), Julian Jampo (11), Dan Seeley (10), Brandon Kuhn (10), Gavin Merritt (10), Garrett Cooper (10), Robert Gregory (10)

Newcomers: Conor Miller (10), Nate Grochocki (10), Isaac Vandemark (9), Joe Stanton (9)

Thoughts on this year’s team: Looking forward to competing and tallying as many wins as possible. Seeking to improve every game as the season progresses. We have a solid core group of returning players who will provide the foundation we need to remain competitive in each matchup.

Athens Wildcats

Head coach: Jake Lezak

Assistant coaches: Dan Lane, Zach Colegrove, Sam Stropko

Record last season: 20-2

Returning players: Joel Maslin, Matthew Nowacoski, Carson Stanfield, Luke Arnold, Alex Rowe, David Scheftic, Ben Gambrell, Jessie Sumner, Doug Vosburg, Aaron Lane, Jake Corino, Oscar Johnson, James Benninger Jones, Asher Ellis

Newcomers: Nate Quinn, Travis Rynard, Colby Blakeman, Jason Gao, Ryan Thompson, Landon Lantz, Tyler Chambers, Joey Toscano

Player to watch: Honestly, way too many to count. Very balanced team which makes them exciting to watch.

Thoughts on this year’s team: We bring back nearly everyone from last season. The younger players are working very hard and making decisions to fill spots very difficult. This is a blessing as a coach!! We have depth and a high work rate. Players are pushing each other all the time. I think we are a serious contender to win another district title and do well in the state playoffs. We know the rest of District IV AAA is going to be very good this season. I expect us to be ready given the non league schedule we have put together. This is a very balanced team that has been challenged to become a stronger family. WE have many other soccer areas to improve upon but if we are doing it as one team, it will make our weaknesses difficult to find.

Thoughts on the league this season: I see improvement in many programs across the league. Head coaches are getting involved in local youth programs and spring season programs. It would be nice to see some programs return to the strength that they once had. We are looking to win our sixth league title in a row this season. I expect every single team to have prepared for us and bring us their best game. We are traveling a lot, so in many ways that home field can really help them out.

Sullivan County Griffins

Head coach: Chris Koschak

Assistant coaches: Lance Mabus, Danielle Schaad, Jeff Neary, Matt Muthler, Brian Bahr

Record last season: 16-5-1

Returning Players: Colton Ammerman, Alex Doran, Bryon Fitzgerald, Brian Hope, Kye McDonald, Jake Immel, Cobey Saxon, Kess McDonald, Jordan Williams, Trace Neary, Alexander Schweitzer, Own Schweitzer, Jalen Thomas

Newcomers: Maddox Bahr, Landon Baldwin, Rocky Finnegan, Trey Higley, Jett Kleese, Riley King, Isaiah Livesey, Conner Smithkors, Charles Vandine

Player to watch: Jalen Thomas

Thoughts on this year’s team: Lost 12 players due to graduation from last year’s roster with 13 returning players who saw plenty of action and gained experience in last year’s 16-5-1 season. Nine freshman with plenty of talent joining the team to ready to contribute this fall.

Thoughts on the league this season: League remains the same with Sullivan, Milliville, Benton, and Muncy.

Galeton Tigers

Head coach: Jim Sunderlin

Assistant coach: Chuck Evans

Record last season: 13-5

Returning Players: Jake Cochran, Noah Shutt, Hunter Crowell, Ty Stover, Jessie Evans

Newcomers: James Brumbach, Austin Lancenese, Matthew Smith, Gavin Sykora, Trey Kalacinski

Player to watch: Ty Stover JH, Jake Cochran JH

Thoughts on this year’s team: We will be competitive and finish near the top of the NTL.

Thoughts on the league this season: It should be very competitive

Notre Dame Crusaders

Head Coach: Erik Rominger

Assistant coaches: Aidan Sharma (Volunteer), Charles Anderson (Modified Boys Coach)

Record last season: 11-5-2

Returning players: Patrick Finnerty (12), Colin Tolbert (12), Justin McCarthy (11), Cody Gonzalez (11), Tyler Simpson (10), Rylan Brewer (10), Sean Franzese (10)

Newcomers: Brody Nemier (12), Tejasvi Rajbabu (12), Cameron Johnson (10), Xander Gillette (10), Stephen D’Ortona (9), Kellan Murphy (9)

Player to watch: Patrick Finnerty

Thoughts on this year’s team: This year’s team is dedicated and hard working group. We have very strong leadership among the upperclassmen which is invaluable. We are young and will look to improve every time we step on the field.

Thoughts on the league this season: As a first-time varsity coach, I am excited to experience this type of competition. Looking forward to competing against some of the best programs in the region.

Towanda Black Knights

Head coach: Jonathan Sayre

Assistant coaches: Jeff Gonzalez

Returning players: Jacob Simmons, Joseph Donavan, Daniel Wright, Steel Hartmann, Gavin Seip, Henry Madigan, Austin Fowler, Vinny Carbo

Newcomers: William Zang, Talen Irish, Logan Lambert, Aidan Hennessy, Michael West

Player to watch: Daniel Wright and Logan Lambert

Thoughts on this year’s team: This year we have a small but committed group of good athletes who are determined to compete in each game and play through the adversities with commitment and hard work. We are committed to getting better as a team and program. We want to compete with sportsmanship and a respect for the game and fellow players, coaches and referees.

Troy Trojans

Head coach: Jason Hodlofski (4th year)

Assistant coach: Dustin Holdren

Record last season: 9-9

Returning players: Alex Johnson (12, SC-center attacking mid-field), JT Landis (12, C-outside midfield), Kris Howlland (12, C-outside midfield), Logan Signor (12, defensive back), Jacob Case (11, center defensive back), Wyatt Hodlofski (10, center defensive mid, back up keeper), Owen Williams (11, goal keeper), Tyler Smith (12, center midfield, defensive back), Brandon Manley (12, center-mid), Kane Hart (12, striker), Tanner Hodge (11, striker), William King (12, defensive back), Isais Watkins (10, center midfield, defensive back)

Newcomers: C.J. Stanton (10, defensive back), Logan Mudra (9, striker), Ben Randall (9, offensive midfield), Elli Randall (9, defensive back)

Players to watch: Wyatt Hodlofski — Wyatt’s tenacious defensive mind and physical play makes him a real presence on the field by making plays and stopping plays. Alex Johnson — Alex is one of the fastest players on the field, that with his foresight of movement on the field makes him a great offensive asset. Last year Alex ran our defense and kept Troy in many games by chasing down the offense and disrupting plays. Owen Williams — He is an outstanding athlete in any sport he is active in. He is currently one of Troy’s great cross-country runners. Owen has jumped in the keeper position for the first time this year. Once committed to something Owen owns his responsibility in that role. He has had personal keeper training in camps to be ready to help the Trojan soccer team stay competitive.

Thoughts on this year’s team: We have low numbers this year with no JV squad but a solid core of experienced players with the will to want to win this year. They have been dedicated in the off season and right into the preseason. The newcomers are energetic and ready to help in any way this season.

Waverly Wolverines

Head coach: Eric Ryck

Record last season: 1-11

Returning players: Cameron McIsaac (10), Brennan Traub (10), Austin Ingham (10), Caleb Ovedovitz (10), Declan Murphy (10), Nick Vanhouten (11), Nathan Ryck (11), Peyton Bowen (11), Josiah Golden (12), Jacob Blair (12), Rylan Laforest (12)

Newcomers: Ryan Clark (9), Oscar Williams (9), Nalen Carlingr (10), Davis Croft (10), Caden Hollywood (10), Cole Stanton (10)

Thoughts on this year’s team: I’m very excited about this years team, this will be the second year together for most of the players, and the newcomers are very well rounded athletes as well. All the boys have a great mindset and always bring their best effort! Very excited to see their improvement this year!

Thoughts on the league this season: I think the league is going to be pretty evenly matched, I know quite a few teams had some big turnover, so I think its going to make for a very exciting season.