Times they are a changing for the Sayre boys’ soccer team.

The Redskins have a new coaching staff this year, and they are trying some new things to make the team better this year.

One of the things Sayre’s new coach, Greg Hughey, is doing is bringing in former girls’ soccer star Chloe Tracy, who plays at D1 Binghamton, to work with the boys on their foot skills.

“I think the team has a lot of talent,” Hughey said. “I think these guys played hard last year and I’m looking forward to a good season. I’m seeing good things, I’m hoping to get more turnout as we do open fields over the next few years. Being a first year coach so that’s why I’m bringing in Chloe and I have Rich Post to help me to get as much information and as much help as I can get, I’ll take it.”

For Tracy she jumped at the chance to help the team out.

“My mom was like they are trying to rebuild the Sayre program, they have this new coach,” Tracy said. “He has a son on the team, would you be interested in trying to do some foot skills and I was like oh my gosh, definitely I love doing foot skills if I can do them with other people. That’s what originally sparked my interest was just to try and help others with what I love to do.”

For Hughey having someone with Tracy’s background helping is special.

“ It’s amazing, I have Rhonda Tracy who is a former coach and Chloe is a D1 soccer player, she’s been through all kinds of training, she’s been coached by the best, so if she can come down here and give us some experience and some drills I think that’s going to help out tremendously,” Hughey said.

For Tracy she plans to help every Monday with footskills, passing and some juggling.

As she heads into her junior year of college Tracy is starting to think about coaching one day.

“Oh my gosh, for sure,” Tracy said. “I only have two years left of playing soccer, so after it has to be a part of my life so I’ll probably be attached to soccer forever.”

In high school Tracy played for Tracy Mennig at Sayre. Mennig was a former Division I player herself and Tracy can see following in her footsteps.

“She is such an amazing coach, if I could do something similar to what she did that would be amazing,” Tracy said. “I know Mennig had so many awesome things she told me she gained through playing the game and being around it for so many years and I think that’s what made her such a great coach was she played it at such a high level and if I can do that to.”

The training she’s getting in college is something that’s helpful for Tracy.

“I know my coaches now at Binghamton are so awesome,” Tracy said. “They make sure to explain things so thoroughly so I always know what’s going on. I have been lucky to have so many amazing coaches.”

Working with boys’ players is something that Tracy is happy to do, even though many are younger and weren’t in school when she was.

“I used to play with boys in like junior high and I was like this is going to be awesome, because these kids want to play, they have such a great mentality for the sport, so I’m excited to work with boys.

“My mom was naming some of the kids that were going to be here and I was like I don’t know if I know any of them, and she was like it’s ok, they know sort of of you.”

Hughey is happy to see the kids putting in a lot of work in the offseason.

“It’s good to see them out here,” Hughey said. “These kids are also going to a speed camp that RTG is putting on Friday’s to, so they are working here Monday’s and then doing that on Friday’s.

“I think we have a lot of potential, it’s going to be our job to put it together.”

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