During football season Wyalusing’s Lylah Oswald watched a Towanda game, and suddenly had an idea.

As she watched the Towanda K-dettes dance team performed, she thought about how cool it would be to have something like that at Wyalusing.

“We had a small group of girls, including myself at the Towanda football game and we were watching the K-dettes and we said they are really good and it would be great to have at our school,” Oswald said.

It wasn’t long before Oswald went to her volleyball coach, gave her the idea and the Wyalusing Ramettes were on their way to being formed.

“I mentioned it to our volleyball coach, Jen Newton, and she said she would back us in it. We went to the school board, and it got approved.”

Just like that the Ramettes went from an idea that Oswald had, to a reality, at least once they got people signed up.

“It was amazingly fast,” Oswald said. “We have nine girls on the squad and all of them are super passionate of the team, it’s really cool to see how much passion there is already for a thing we started quickly.

“It was a little hard (getting a team). At first there were girls interested, but they weren’t fully committed yet. Before I went to the school board, I didn’t have anybody definitely going to do it. We had a signup and a week and a half later we had 11 signed up. Two people dropped out, but the other nine are still on the team.”

For Oswald it was scary taking the risk and hoping others would follow her in building a dance team. But, the school was behind her the whole way.

“I was definitely nervous that would happen,” Oswald said of the fear of not having anyone wanting to join. “I was afraid I’d go out there myself or there would only be two or three of us. The school board was sure I would have some sort of interest, and they were right, because we did have interest.”

What’s special to Oswald is how fast the entire thing came together, allowing her to enjoy this her senior year.

“It’s really cool we got it together as quick as we could,” she said. “As soon as we had the meeting it was only three weeks later (that they had a team). So cool to have it come together so quickly.”

The team made their debut at the home game against Wellsboro this year.

After seeing the K-dettes over the year, Oswald is loving the chance to be on her own team at Wyalusing.

“I definitely have seen the K-dettes and thought it would be cool having it at our school, but never took the initiative to go to the school board. hopefully next year, my intention was they would wan tto do it as a band front for the band.”

A band front is really what Oswald sees for the future of the team, something that she knows Wyalusing had in the past.

“That would be really cool,” she said. “We used to have one when a lot of our parents were in school, so to be able to get that going again, that’s kind of a cool feeling.”

For Oswald, dancing has always been a part of her life, but with sports she hadn’t been able to do it much recently, until now.

“I have been dancing since I was 3-4 years old, but I had to stop once sports came along,” she said. “It was too far to go to Towanda or Tunkhannock so to be able to do that again was a great experience.

“I actually really like to dance, and was sad when I had to quit because other sports took over my time.”

While she has danced all her life, Oswald hadn’t danced a lot recently, and had some nerves getting back into it.

“It was a little nervewracking,” she said. “Being the only senior on the team, I had to pull it together for the rest of us. Now I’m glad I can do it for my school, not just a studio.”

One of the things that has been different for Oswald is getting a lot of questions from younger girls, while she was still trying to adjust to being part of the Ramettes herself.

“It’s a little funny, they would have questions for me and I wouldn’t have the answers right away,” Oswald said. “Thankfully we have good advisers. It’s pretty cool to be looked up to like that.

“It definitely helped make me a little nervous, I am still rocky getting back into dance, but the stuff we do is easy enough and we can do it perfectly and make it look nice together.”

One of the younger girls on the team is a relative of Oswald’s — Sydney Friedlander.

“Sydney and I have always been close since we were little, it’s always great to see her do it to because I know she will continue the squad,” Oswald said.

With Friedlander, and other freshmen on the team, the Wyalusing senior is confident the team will be around well after she’s graduated.

“I have a lot of confidence it will keep going,” she said. “She’s (Friedlander) one of the freshmen, there are three other freshmen on the team to, they are just starting young and have such a passion.

“I really can’t wait to come back for football and basketball games next year and see what they have done for the program. I’m excited to see what girls stay with it and who are leading the team.”

And, when she watches the team in the future, Oswald will know she helped play a part in starting the program.

“It’s really cool, it’s a good thing I can put on resumes to,” she said. “I am just enjoying myself and leaving a mark hopefully they continue for years to come.”

And, all of it started by watching the Rams rivals, Towanda.

“That’s a huge part of being in high school, getting inspiration from people around you all the time,” Oswald said. “It’s cool we saw them do it and we could make something of it as well.”

There is only one regret for Oswald, she now wishes she had gone to the school board when she was younger.

“I really wish I had done it sooner,” she said. “It’s been such a blast, the girls are easy to work with and they love doing it.”