The biggest thing for high school athletes at this time is the uncertainty.

Will they get to have a spring sports season? Will they get to be back with their teammates, and return to school? And, if so, when?

For high school athletes, the uncertainty can be tough. The thought of losing spring sports, especially for seniors, is scary.

Things are looking bleak with all college sports calling off their spring schedules, and pro leagues looking at possible May, or even June, returns.

Over the next couple weeks we will talk with high school athletes and let their words be heard on what this entire situation is like for them.

For Wyalusing grad Trent Nickeson the fall season for rugby at Shippensburg went really well.

The Wyalusing grad had some high hopes for what the team could accomplish during the spring.

However, the spring season got wiped out, and with it his hopes for what the team might be able to do.

“To see all the seasons end is a really big disappointment to every athlete, high school or college,” Nickeson said. “Our basketball team was doing well and was in the national bracket and it all just got cancelled.

“When we got the message that the season was over, we were really in shock. We just came off a fall season where we made the playoffs and lost to Lehigh in the semifinals. So, we were really confident coming into the spring season. We had some pre-season tournaments that we really showed out and beat some good Division I teams.”

Being away from school is just as hard for any college athlete.

“Being away from school is a big knock too,” Nickeson said. “We got back in the rhythm of things and now we have to transition to online learning for the rest of the semester and every class is being taught different.”

One of the toughest things is seeing the seniors and how hard this is for them when it comes to sports.

“For all the seniors, it really is the absolute last ending you’d want, especially after all the hype and anticipation we had coming into the season,” Nickeson said. “Practice was flowing well, the team was bonding great after the fall and it just all came to an end so quick and in a horrible way.

“I’m just really hoping by this next fall we can just go back to living the lives we were living before the issues arose.”