Waverly Wolverines

Head Coach: Lou Judson

Assistant coach: Mike Croft

Record last season: 6-13

Returnees: Scott Woodring (12, F), Jalen McCarty (12, G), Thomas Price (12, G), Caden Hollywood (10, G), Ryan Lambert (11, G), Peyton Bowen (11, G), Kobe Decker (11, F), Austin Ellers (12, G)

Comments on Returnees: Scott Woodring (6-foot, 8-inches) is extremely skilled in the post, tremendous footwork for his size, hard worker, good shooter and student of the game. He averaged 32 points and 17.5 rebounds per game before getting hurt after seven games. Jalen McCarty (5-foot, 9-inches) started every game last season. He is a tenacious defender, much improved shooter, hard worker, gritty and tough. He averaged 7-points per game last season. Thomas Price (5-foot, 9-inches) only played six games last season due to an injury. He’s a tough defender, hard worker and emotional leader. Caden Hollywood (6-feet) averaged five points per game and started all last season as a freshman. He’s a solid perimeter shooter and nice size for a guard. Ryan Lambert (5-feet, 6-inches) is quick and has really improved in the off season and started many games last season as a sophomore. Peyton Bowen (5-feet, 10-inches) is a good rebounder for his size. He’s athletic, solid defender and moved up to varsity last season as a sophomore during the Christmas Tournament. Kobe Decker (6-feet) also had a good off-season. He was brought up to varsity as a sophomore when all the injuries started occurring last season.

Newcomers: Joe Tomasso (8, G), Aidan Westbrook (11, G), Griffen Stein (11, F)

Comments on Newcomers: Joe Tomasso (5-feet, 9-inches) is a potential starter at the guard position. He’s a potential starter at the guard position and is an extremely smart player. He’s athletic and cerebral with an uncanny ability to play at a high level against much older competition. Aidan Westbrook is athletic and has nice size for a guard. He has the skills and ability to be very good. Griffen Stein runs the floor well. He’s a hard worker with a nice mid-range game and is a good rebounder.

Players to watch: Several players will standout and among them will be — Scott Woodring (he has already been offered several full athletic scholarships to play college basketball at Daemen College, Mansfield University, East Stroudsburg, St. Thomas Aquinas — all Division II schools with many Division III schools interested) – Binghamton University is also interested.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: Being healthy and being able to have your better players on the court is extremely important which was quite evident a season ago; arguably having the best player in section IV go down with a knee injury going into game eight was a huge blow but it allowed the players who are returning this year to get experience and a feeling of what it takes to play at this level. Most games last season I started a freshman, two sophomores, a junior and senior – so Scott’s injury was felt in a major way last season, but I feel it will make our team better this season. There are a lot of changes and some new faces on varsity this season. There will be an 8th grader up on varsity, Joe Tomasso — the first 8th grader in my coaching career that I’ve brought up…I’ve only ever brought up three freshmen. Joe (who was the starting QB on the football team) will be a player to watch for the next five years…yes five year. Griffin Stein moved into the district who will give us some additional size and rebounding. Aidan Westbrook had a breakout year on the football field, he’ll provide athleticism and scoring. We graduated only one senior (Dylan Ward) but he had an outstanding senior season avg. 16.9 pts. and 12.5 rebounds. I was very pleased with what I saw over the summer with the continued commitment by the players to attend summer league games, St. Lawrence Team Camp, and my basketball camp. I’m very excited for the season to get underway as I feel these guys are ready to get going. They have impressed me with their desire to want to get in the gym. This will be one of my deeper teams I’ve ever had, right now I don’t who will be in the starting lineup. There are three positions that have two guys who are very capable of starting which means the players coming off the bench aren’t really bench players with this team, they’re more an extension of the starting five. I can easily play 9-10 kids in my rotation this year. Many high school teams lose quite a bit when they go to their bench, this team may get better on certain nights. Each team has their unique style of play and this team will be extremely versatile. Team Chemistry, figuring out their roles, and learning the playbook will be of importance early on. We worked on this over the summer — We need to have enough self-confidence to make plays without always relying on Scott. However, Scott is a special talent and we need to utilize him properly without becoming too one dimensional and dependent on him. This team will play with high energy, be scrappy, play self-less and will be fun to watch. We have much more depth and balance this year. If we can stay healthy, I feel we can play with anyone in our section.

Thoughts on the league this season: Division consists of Edison, Newark Valley, Watkins Glen, Notre Dame, and Waverly. Once again, I think there will be a lot of parity this season and any team could beat their opponent on any given night. Watkins Glen looked very good at times this summer and will be tough. They are still young but very talented. Edison has a very experienced backcourt that will give many teams some problems. Notre Dame is in a bit of a rebuild but will play very hard. Newark Valley is talented and has some good players. Our crossover games have changed a little with the realignment of our league two years ago. I will only play 14 league games which includes Dryden, Trumansburg, Lansing, and Whitney Point. I’ll be able to schedule five non-league games, keeping one game back for the IAC championship game. Our two crossover games will be Lansing and Trumansburg which also count for a league title. We will play Edison on Feb. 6th in the First Arena (our varsity girls’ team will play before us). I picked up nonleague games with Union Endicott (away), Troy (home), and Chenango Forks (home). We will be playing in the Valley Christmas Tournament (Dec. 27-28) — first round game against Towanda at Waverly. Across the Section, Seton Catholic and Norwich are two of the best programs in the state as well as perennial powerhouse Owego. Chenango Valley and Susquehanna Valley will be good as well. Several other teams in our section will be highly competitive. Section IV Class B basketball is one of the best sections in the state.

Towanda Black Knights

Head Coach: Matt Johnson

Assistant coaches: Joel Mattocks, Donny Johnson

Record last season: 4-18

Returnees: Tanner Kunkle (12, G), Trent Kithcart (11, F), Kolby Hoffman (11, F)

Comments on Returnees: Tanner is such a great athlete. He makes so many people around him better and is such a great human being, as well. He works hard at everything he does and we are excited to see what he can do on the basketball floor. Trent is long and athletic. He can bend and is relentless on the defensive end. He will definitely be an anchor for us defensively. He’s been showing a leadership quality lately that is really exciting to see. Kolby has been very hard in the offseason. He has a great work ethic and can’t be a nicer kid. He’s so coachable and will support his teammates whether he is playing a ton of minutes or he is off the court. He can shoot the 15 footer well and will hopefully anchor the painted area for us during the season.

Newcomers: Octavious Chacona (10, F), Neal Austin (10, G), Nate Parker (10, G), Cody Griffith (11, G), Hunter Johnson (12, F)

Comments on Newcomers: We are super young or filled with players that have little JV/Varsity experience yet. The players have shown the willingness to work hard and compete and that is a great starting point!

Player to watch: Kolby Hoffman

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We are going to be young, but they are a very coachable group and they have shown they work very hard. When we put those things together, I think we can be competitive in a very strong league this year.

Thoughts on the league this season: The league is fantastic this year. The large school is going to be a great league to watch. Many of the teams that have been filled with great freshman and sophomore classes the last couple years, should be taking big leaps forward and looking for NTL championships. We are hoping to be one of those teams that are young, that start taking some big leaps, as well!

Sullivan County Griffins

Head coach: Glen Vaughan

Assistant coaches: Gary Hoffman, Frank Comfort (volunteer), Jeff Neary (volunteer), Norman Vaughan (volunteer), Dave Metzger (volunteer), Shannon Pietroski (volunteer)

Last year’s record: 13-13

Returnees: Sam Carpenter (12, G), Justin Metzger (12, G/F), Jesse Williams (12, F/C), Omar Rubio (12, F/C), Jalen Thomas (11, G), Trace Neary (11, G), Alex Schweitzer (11, G/F)

Newcomers: Gerhett Parrish (11), Bryon Fitzgerald (10), Tre Powell (10), Ryan Smith (10), Maddox Bahr (9), Landon Baldwin (9), Trey Higley (9), Riley King (9), Alex Raub (9), Conner Smithkors (9)

Players to watch: Sam Carpenter was our leading scorer last season. He was a first team all-star in the Mid Penn League. Jalen Thomas was a second team all-star and is a fierce competitor. e have a few other players that could make an impact this season. There are multiple skilled players coming back with the potential to be factors for this team. We also added a few newcomers that could be ready to step into varsity action this year.

Thoughts on this year’s team: Our strength is our quickness. We have competitive players and good athletes. The guys are ready to work hard and we believe we can be tough to beat this season.

Thoughts on the league this season: There are a few teams in our league that will be tough to beat. St. John Neumann is the favorite, but we have a few teams that should be very strong.

North Penn-Mansfield Tigers

Head coach: Kipper Burleigh (18th season)

Assistant coaches: Jed Wright

Record last season: 18-7

Returnees: Logan Tokarz (12, G), Dominic Garverick (11, F), Alex Stein (11, G), Nolan Frederick (12, G), Curtis Craig (11, F), Jacob Evans (11, G)

Comments on Returnees: We have a great group of hard workers back. Logan started several games last year as he filled in for injured players. Alex Stein played a lot off of the bench last year and got some good experience.

Newcomers: Seth Nelson (12, G), Tom King (11, G), Eli Shaw (10, G), Brody Burleigh (9, F), Sam Lawrence (9, G), Andrew Green (9, G)

Comments on Newcomers: Great group that we will be adding to our returners. Seth, Tom, and Eli were all part of a very successful JV team last year under the guidance of Coach Jeff Manikowski. Brody, Sam, and Andrew all competed on the junior high last year. They have developed a lot over the summer. Brody and Sam will both play varsity minutes.

Players to watch: Senior Logan Tokarz can take over a game at any time and he is an outstanding defender. He is currently our only captain and is having an outstanding pre-season. Having said that, Dominic Garverick, Jacob Evans, Curtis Craig and Alex Stein all led the JV in scoring at different points throughout the season last year. Dom can scored anywhere on the floor and is very physical. Jacob brings extra ball handling and has a very good shooting touch. Curtis has great post footwork and gives us an inside presence. Finally, Alex is our playmaker and can be a magician with the ball.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We are young. Our team will consist of just three seniors. We will probably start just one senior and four underclassmen. We graduated eight seniors and all five starters from last year so we will be young in both age and experience. This group loves to compete. They are very unselfish and they want to be good. I expect them to take the baton and expectations that have been handed down by previous teams and run with it. This group will grow a lot during the season. We have to learn how to defend both individually and as a team.

Thoughts on the league this season: Our league is always tough. I expect Troy and Athens to be the teams to beat in the NTL Large School Division. Troy brings almost everybody back and Athens has a lot of talent and a lot of starters back. Wyalusing will be solid and has the ability to beat any other NTL team on any given night. However, having said that the NTL Large school title still goes through Wellsboro and no one should count them out. I think Canton, Liberty, and Northeast Bradford will be competing for the NTL Small School title. All three of those teams will be extremely competitive and are all on the rise. I am lucky to get to compete against a bunch of great coaches and programs night in and night out.

Wyalusing Rams

Head coach: Brent Keyes

Assistant coaches: Matt Cobb

Record last season: 8-15

Returnees: Shane Fuhrey (G), Mitchell Burke (G), Matt Brown (F), Isaiah Way (F)

Comments on Returnees: These guys are working hard to improve their games.

Newcomers: Lucas Milne (F), Abram Bennett (G), Grayden Cobb (G), Alex Sharer (C), Chris Vaskas (F), Nolan Oswald (F), Hunter Moss (G)

Comments on Newcomers: These guys will look to gain experience early on as they step into varsity roles for the first time. They will improve throughout the year.

Player to watch: We are looking to improve as a team this season.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We are looking to improve as a team this season.

Thoughts on the league this season: I am looking forward to another competitive season in the NTL coaching against a great group of coaches. The Large School division is as wide-open as it has been in years with many solid teams. The Small School division is as good as it has been since I have been at Wyalusing. I wish all the coaches and teams the best of luck this season.

Wellsboro Green Hornets

Head coach: Steve Adams

Assistant coaches: Ron Doughtie (JV), Kyle Smith, Doug Keck (Jr. High)

Record last season: 23-5

Returnees: Joseph Grab (11), Andrew Larson (12), Karter Witmer (12), Ty Morral (12), Carson Davis (12), Dan Mitchell (12)

Comments on Returnees: Joseph returns as an NTL First Team selection. Joseph has put a lot of work into his game. As a Three year starter he will be filling a leadership role for an inexperienced Varsity Team. Andrew saw some key minutes last season so we will want to build upon that experience. Karter ,Ty, Carson , Dan and Ty Wetzel are all Seniors who are excited to play will be filling various roles.

Newcomers: Isaac Keane (10), Conner Adams (9), Liam Manning (10), Darryn Callahan (10), Ryann Sweet (10), Drew Manning (10)

Comments on Newcomers: The newcomers are very athletic and as they improve and gain experience will help the Varsity team.

Player to watch: Joseph Grab

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: The team has a nice mix of seniors and underclassmen. What they lack in game experience the make up with in desire. There is good chemistry on this team and the more this team plays together and continues to compete the better they will become.

Thoughts on the league this season: I think the league should provide some good competitive games. Teams bringing back experienced players like Athens and Troy will have the experience advantage. Mansfield is always solid and Wyalusing and Towanda bring a solid team.

Canton Warriors

Head coach: Brock Kitchen

Assistant coaches: Jim Williams, John Thompson, Russ Vermilya, Shelly Castle

Record last season: 11-12

Returnees: Zachary Rentzel (F), Reese Allen (G), Ben Knapp (C), Austin Palmer (F)

Comments on Returnees: Rentzel and Knapp are both returning starters that were all stars last year. Rentzel needs to fill the spot as the man we can come to when we need a basket and Knapp has big shoes to fill with losing Michael Smithers. Allen has put a lot of time in this off season to get quicker and stronger and Palmer is a great leader for our younger kids.

Newcomers: Cooper Kitchen (PG), Cameron Bellows (PG), Conner Foust (PG), Brendon Matthews (G), Tyler Jannone (F), Joel Schoonover (F), Isaiah Niemczyk (F), Evan Landis (F), Caiden Williams (C)

Comments on Newcomers: This is by far the deepest team we have had. I think on most nights I will be able to use 10 kids easily and not have much of a drop off. We need to find what roles which kids are going to accept to make our team the best they can be.

Player(s) to watch: Besides our returning starters, Isaiah Niemczyk and Cooper Kitchen gave us very good minutes as freshman last year and I expect them to provide even more this year. Caiden Williams is coming off a football injury so we need to get him back into shape to help our bigs.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: As I said I am hoping that our depth will be our strength this year. Being able to go two deep at each position will make things easier for our team as a whole. We are hoping to compete in the small school division just like last year, with our goal being able to qualify for districts and compete for the small school division.

Thoughts on the league this season: The league should be very deep this year. Troy and Athens should all be competing for the large school division with the likes of Wellsboro and Mansfield. Liberty should be the top team in the small school division and NEB is always right up there competing for the division. Sayre has a lot of athletes to choose from.

Northeast Bradford Panthers

Head coach: Paul Burgert

Assistant coach: Michael Cragle

Record last season: 17-11

Returnees: Nick Marino (12, Point Forward), Andy Crown (12, F), Clayton Connor (12, G), Anthony Bisigano (12, G), Jordan Lynch (12, G), Logan Mullen (12, G), Dylan Brown (12, F), Dan Williams (11, F), Lucas Crown (11, G), Julian Jampo (11, G)

Comments on Returnees: We have seven seniors and three juniors in this group who have gained a lot of experience over the past two seasons. They’ve been through some battles, and we’re hoping to lean on that experience this season.

Newcomers: Ethan Finch (10, G/F), Dan Seeley (10, C), Sam ‘Salty’ Abell (10, G)

Comments on Newcomers: The Three Amigos. A great group of kids who have grown so much as basketball players over the past year or so. We’re really looking forward to seeing them compete.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We have a great group of kids who love to ball. There is a mix of size, athleticism, and experience. NEB should be a competitive ball club this season. Hopefully we can get a shot or two to fall.

Thoughts on the league this season: Large School — Man there’s going to be some great battles this year. Athens is loaded up, and Coach Woodward will get them competing at the highest level. Coach Burleigh in Mansfield has a new look team that will be in the hunt as usual. Troy is a sleeper who has worked really hard in the offseason, and Coach Keyes does as good a job as anyone getting his team ready to compete against anybody. Small School — I think it’s wide open. Liberty returns a bunch of talented players. Coach Kitchen in Canton has some great young guns who will be ready to compete. Sayre is always talented. I expect some great competition around the NTL this year, and that will make for some really entertaining games!

Sayre Redskins

Head coach: Devin Shaw

Assistant coaches: John Shaw, R.J. Baker

Record last season: 7-15

Returnees: Corbin Brown (G/F), Riley McConnel (G), Connor Young (F), Zach Belles (F), Zach Moore (G), Matt Lane (G), Dom Fabbri (G), Brayden Horton (G/F)

Comments on Returnees: Being a first year head coach, I am still trying to learn all the players. From what I have seen in the summer and throughout he first week of practice, I believe have a lot of athleticism on the guys that are returning from last year. I am really excited to get to know them more and see them play in our scrimmages to see how they work together, the effort they give and how react to adversity.

Newcomers: Nic Bentley (G), Jai Yang (G), Cody VanBenthuysen (G), Tavone McClenny (G), Kannon VanDuzer (F), Lucas Horton (G/F)

Comments on Newcomers: Just like the returnees, I am still trying to get to know the newcomers as well. So far from summer and first week of practice, I believe these are guys that will be able to jump in and help the returnees throughout the year.

Players to watch: Everyone

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: I am really excited for the season to get started. They have done a good job so far in practice of picking up the new system. One thing I have noticed is the communication is starting to get a lot better from where we started on the first day of practice. I believe we have a good blend of bigs and guard and will be able to play either inside or outside depending on match-ups that we face. Hopefully the guys continue to stay on the same page and work together. If we do that, I think we can have a really successful season this year.

Thoughts on the league this season: I think the league is going to be really competitive this year. I know they’re a bunch of teams who have a lot of returning players from last year and that will make those teams better this year. Knowing the coaches throughout the league, they all have a ton of coaching experience and always seem to do a great job of having their teams ready to play. I will have to make sure that we are prepared for each game, as there are no easy games in the league. Hopefully we can take care of business and compete each and every night.

Cowanesque Valley Indians

Head coach: Brad Heck

Assistant coach: Hamilton Schoonover

Record last season: 11-12

Returnees: Seth Huyler (12, C/F), Owen Fitzwater (12, G), Dustin Vanzile (12, F), Daniel Freeman (12, G), Magnus Swimley (12, F), Joel Heck (11, G), Joe Easton (11, G), Darius Johnson (11, G)

Comments on Returnees: Seth Huyler is a 2-year starter and the other four seniors have a lot of game experience. This is a high energy team that loves to play basketball.

Newcomers: Ben Cooper, Devin Gatewood

Comments on Newcomers: Both are new to organized basketball. Ben is a tremendous athlete and will bring some needed toughness to our team.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: This is a team that loves to play basketball and enjoys being around each other. Although we are not very tall, we have some good athletes that love to compete.

Thoughts on the league this season: I believe most teams will be competitive this year. There’s a lot of tough teams throughout the league that are pretty evenly matched.

Athens Wildcats

Head coach: Bob Woodward

Assistant coaches: John Babcock, Jim Lister, Steve Satterly

Record last season: 14-9

Returnees: Aaron Lane (12, G), Damian Hudson (12, G), Brady Smith (12, G), Keegan Rude (12, F), JJ Babcock (10, G/F), Troy Pritchard (10, F), Tucker Brown (10, F)

Comments on Returnees: We are happy with the level of effort in the first week of practice.

Newcomers: Jonathon Smith (11, F), Mason Lister (9, G), Shayne Reid (10, G)

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We are excited to continue to improve our culture and work ethic.

Thoughts on the league this season: The league will be very competitive this season.

Troy Trojans

Head coach: Steve Renzi

Assistant coaches: Cody Martin, Teresa Renzi, Marshall McNeal, Doug Phillips, Marcus Redline, Evan Williams

Record last season: 10-13

Returnees: Ty Barrett, Dom Ayers, Mason Imbt, Ethan VanNoy, Nick Williams, Isaiah Rinebolt, Morgan Madigan, Robert Rogers, Caleb Binford, Zeb Oldroyd, Devin Selleck

Comments on Returnees: Have worked very hard to get better.

Newcomers: Justice Chimics, Jeff Bush

Comments on Newcomers: Raw but skilled.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: Young but experienced.

Thoughts on the league this season: Tough.

North Rome Christian School Eagles

Head coach: David Jennings

Assistant coaches: Joanne Jennings Stanton

Record last season: 14-12

Returnees: Noah Bennett (11, F), Adam Gorsline (11, F), Tommy Roberts (12, SG), Nick Beers (11, SG), Adam Rosenberger (11, PG), Jordan Gray (11, F)

Comments on Returnees: A solid six pack of returnees. In this group I have two returning league all-stars and three of them were chosen as All-Region selections. Nick and Tommy should be in the top five scoring in our league with both being all-around good players. Jordan can play any position on offense but his defense really makes him a threat. Noah and Gorsline have showed me already they are going to be tough to score on by improving on defensive skills and form from last year. Rosenberger will be heading up the point this season and is as tough as they come.

Newcomers: Trevor Brown (12, PG), Jehiel Dewing (12, F), Josh Stanton (8, PG), Andrew Beers (8, PG)

Comments on Newcomers: Although they are new to the NRCS roster this season, not one is new to the game or our team. Everyone has played together in some manner before. Trevor should be starting at point and not only distributes the ball well, he can shoot too. Jehiel will be fighting for a starting spot too and play center and forward for us. His mid-range jumper is the best on the team and will be a great teammate to have with his unselfish play. Josh and Andrew although young have been around our program for years watching their brothers play many games for NRCS. It will not take them long before they are both making an impact on the varsity squad.

Players to watch: As a team they should be very fun to watch.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: This team has height, shooting skills, dribbling skills and wants to play aggressive defense. This should be a fun team to coach. They should be very successful as long as they give their best. We should be vying for the league title and maybe even with a couple tournaments along the way.

Thoughts on the league this season: Twin Tiers out of Horseheads and Ross Corners out of Vestal will give us good tests this season trying to win the NYPENN.

North Penn-Liberty Mountaineers

Head coach: Brian Litzelman

Assistant coaches: Brady Connolly, Kyle Heyler

Record last season: 13-11

Returnees: Noah Spencer (PG), Duncan Zeafla (SG), Brandon Thompson (PF)

Comments on Returnees: Looking for continued growth from each of these players and hoping for them to lead us throughout the season.

Newcomers: Sam Shedden (F), Koleton Rouppp (G), Colton Litzelman (G/F)

Comments on Newcomers: Solid players who all bring different things to our team, these players could be the difference maker in our season.

Players to watch: Sam Shedden, Koleton Roupp, Colton Litzelman and Derek Litzelman

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: This could be a very solid year for us, it will depend a lot on our newcomers and our overall work ethic and attitude as the season goes on.

Thoughts on the league this season: I think the league is filled with a bunch of young talent and this could make for a interesting year. Some very solid team and a few teams on the rebuild, but if young talent steps up could be very interesting.