Canton Warriors

Head coach: Lyle Wesneski

Assistant coaches: Chris Landis, Derek Leiby, Garrett Wesneski, Travis Butcher, Randy Gilliland, Jeremy Route, Bill Holland, Devon Weed, Kasey Lyon

Record last season: 5-6

Returning wrestlers: Jaden Hulslander (12, 285), Garrett Storch (182, 12), Trevor Williams (12, 220), Miah Lehman (11, 126), Derek Atherton-Ely (11, 195), Connor Davis (10, 220), Isaac Landis (11, 106)

Newcomers: Timmy Ward (11), Keegan Nelson (12), Carson Stiner (12), Chance Deljanovan (12), Tyler Williams (11), Zeke Gilliland (10), Hayden Ward (9), Brenen Taylor (9), Gage Pepper (9), Riley Pepper (9), Bailey Ferguson (9), Dylan Frisbie (9), Austin Allen (9), Mason Nelson (9)

Wrestlers to watch: Timmy Ward (returning from cancer), Garrett Storch (District 6th last year), Isaac Landis, Trevor Williams, Derek Atherton-Ely, Hayden Ward, Brenen Taylor, Riley Parker, Bailey Ferguson

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: I’m very optimistic with where this team can go this season. We have a good balance of upperclass leadership and nine new talented freshmen. Hard work and dedication is the stronghold of this group. They are like sponges, growing and learning on a daily basis. I think we will get better each week of the year and see where we are in January.

Thoughts on the league this season: Going to be a very balanced league. I feel on any given night upsets can happen. Should be exciting for fans and wrestlers. Going to be some great duals. I think Athens, Troy, Towanda and Wyalusing will be very solid.

Sullivan County Griffins

Head coach: Joe Fitzgerald

Assistant coaches: Darrick Higley, Lance Mabus, Ryan Hembury

Record last season: 15-6

Returning wrestlers: Cole Ammerman, Her Harney, Noah Phillips, Nate Higley, Joe Malkemes, Colton Pretti, Cobey Saxon, Evan Cummings, Gavyn Stoner

Newcomers: Chris Eberlin, Dustin Neidig, Alex Doran, Bryan Hope, Mike Conway

Wrestlers to watch: Nate Higley and Cole Ammerman

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We will do the best we can with what we have.

Northeast Bradford Panthers

Head coach: Curtis Cole

Assistant coaches: Joe Brown, Tyler Wheaton, Dan Barto

Record last season: 5-10

Returning Wrestlers: Dawson Brown, Kenric Ricci, Jack Shumway

Newcomers: Caleb Tuttle, Jordan Shumway, Tristen Dunn, Darvin Vasquez, German Reyes, Kamden Ricci, Deanna Reeve

Wrestlers to watch: Dawson Brown (state qualifier), Kenric Ricci (district qualifier), Jack Shumway

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We have a small team with some newcomers. As a coach, I’m looking for the upperclassmen to step up and be leaders for the underclassmen. Should be a fun year learning and watching the kids grow into their own!

Thoughts on the league this season: It will be interesting to see what teams come out on top and what individuals step up in the post season. The NTL should have a strong showing of kids making post season runs.

Troy Trojans

Head coach: Brandon Spiak

Record last season: 10-3

Returning wrestlers: Seth Seymour, Sheldon Seymour, Jayden Renzo, Jacob Turner, Trevor Williams, Edward Cole

Newcomers: Treyton Bradley, Ben Randall, Eli Randall, Peyton Bellows, Scott McCaslin, Dustin Dodge, Peyton Jayne, Lacey Hinman, Mason Woodward, Joshua Isbell, Travis Spencer, Brady Sargeant.

Wrestlers to watch: I think this team as a whole will be fun to watch.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We have some key guys returning but overall we will be a young team. I look forward to these young guys putting in the work and having some success this year.

Thoughts on the league this season: Our league is always pretty competitive. it will be interesting to see how things shake up this season.

Wyalusing Rams

Head coach: Mike Earle

Assistant coaches: Brian Fischer, Tyler Fenton, Collin Edsell

Record last season: 14-8

Returning Wrestlers: Jackson Chilson (12), Logan Newton (12), Alex Boyd (11), Zach Shaffer (11), Hunter Manahan (10), Owen Hadlock (10), Nick Woodruff (10), Skyler Manahan (10), Brian Arnold (10), Dereck Baldwin (10), Hunter Shaw (10)

Newcomers: Alex Hunsinger (9), Jordan Lamb (9), Cole Sutton (10), Caleb Stoddard (10), Colbrin Nolan (11), Darevin Curlee (11)

Wrestlers to watch: Jackson Chilson and Logan Newton were very close to qualifying for states last season and have been working hard to achieve that goal for this year. Logan should also earn his 100th career victory this season. Nick Woodruff had a solid season as a freshman and I’m excited to watch him to continue to improve this year.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We are a little lower on the number of kids on the team compared to what we’ve had in the past but the guys that are on the team are very focused on achieving both team and individual goals.

Thoughts on the league this season: Last year was as tight of a team race as we’ve seen in quite a while with three teams sharing the regular season title and Towanda winning the North Section championship. This year will be similar with Athens, Troy, Towanda and us all fighting for the league. Canton also has a solid group moving up from junior high and will be right in the mix. It should be very exciting.

Waverly Wolverines

Head coach: Devan Witman

Assistant coaches: A.J. Aronstam

Record last season: 6-13

Returning wrestlers: Conner Stotler, Madison Yeakel, Rylan LaForest, Garrett Skeens, Cole Stanton, Austin Kimble, Kaden Kipling, Ethan Stotler, Andrew Kimble, Austin Snyder, Adam Richart, Trevor Meyers, Gage Tedesco, Trent Skeens

Newcomers: Mason Ham, Ryan Bostwick, Lilyparker Ennis, Braeden Hills, Kam Peters

Wrestlers to watch: Ethan Stotler (2nd in Section IV in 2019, third in 2018, fourth in 2017); Garret Skeens (third in Section IV in 2019)

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: We are set up to have a great year. Our schedule reflects our tough competition throughout the season. Almost all our wrestlers have wrestled before with most having come through our system. This is going to be a fun year to see how far along we have come from a few years ago when we had just nine wrestlers on the team.

Thoughts on the league this season: Tioga is still on top of the league and section. SVEC and NV look to have several returning wrestlers this year.

Athens Wildcats

Head coach: Shawn Bradley

Assistant coaches: Jay White, Scott Setzer, David White, Kevin Rude

Record last season: 9-5

Returning wrestlers: Keegan Braund (12), Alex West (12), Tyler Coy (11), Ben Pernaselli (11), Kyler Setzer (11), Zach Stafursky (11), Travis Stedge (11), Gavin Bradley (10), Lucas Forbes (10), Gavin McGrath (10), Colin Rosh (10), Karter Rude (10), Kaden Setzer (10), Cameron Whitmarsh (10)

Newcomers: Aiden Garcia (9), Branden Jennings (9), Jayden Wright (9), Jake Courtney (9), Riley Hall (9), Daniel Horton (10), Warner Dorman (10), Ethan Sites (10), Darel Smith (10)

Wrestlers to watch: The following kids put in a lot of time and matches over the summer and we are expecting to see some great improvement out of them: Gavin Bradley, Lucas Forbes, Gavin McGrath, Ben Pernaselli, Colin Rosh, Karter Rude, Kyler Setzer, Kaden Setzer, Zach Stafursky, Alex West. Add to that list the freshman from the list above that also spent quite a bit of time with us.

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: Just like last year our team is still very young, and we will go as far as the underclassman will take us. We are loaded with hard working kids, that put in the extra time over the summer getting better and stronger. We fully expect each of those kids to improve on their performances from last year and move further along in the post season. — Jay White

Thoughts on the league this season: While our league is improved from last year, we are still not where we use to be. The entire league is only returning four kids that have wrestled at states, and the only two that have a medal are at the same weight. I feel the NTL can have a better showing in the post season than we all did last year. None of us were able to get a win against a team, not from the NTL during the duals, and none of us were able to crack the top 8 as a team at either districts or regionals. — Jay White

Sayre Redskins

Head coach: Ralph Warner

Assistant coach: Gavin McCutcheon

Returning wrestlers: Cameron McCutcheon, Jaydon Gardner, Robert Benjamin, Chris Naylor, Jacob Bennett, Josh Wilson, Brandon Chandler, Jordan Goodrich, Nicholas Polzella

Newcomers: Layla Bennett, Jacob Burgess, Glen Romberger, Gavin Rucker

Wrestlers to watch: Layla Bennett, Jacob Bennett, Jordan Goodrich

Thoughts on this year’s team: We are a young team. There is a lot of potential in this room we just have to put the work in. There’s a lot of work ahead of us it’s not going to be an overnight process but if these kids put the work in this season and off season with me.they will make some noise in the upcoming seasons. We will make leaps instead of baby steps. I look forward to the opportunity to work with these kids.

Thoughts on the league this season: There are going to be a lot of tough teams we face. We look forward to the competition. And will wrestle our best to compete.

Towanda Black Knights

Head coach: Bill Sexton

Assistant coaches: Mike Maurer, Mike Geurin, Jake Stroud, Jeremy Sluyter, Cody Wheeler

Record last season: 13-8

Returning wrestlers: Lettermen — Skyler Allen (12), Tyler Hawley (12), Aaron Herlt (12), Will Bowen (11), Evan Johnson (11), Alex Perez (11), Clay Watkins (11), Bryant Green (10), Garrett Chapman (10), Joseph Vanderpool (10), Tekay Moyer (10), Mikee Nowell (10); Non-letterman — Lacin Terry (12), Derek Harrington (12), Brandon Lantz (10), Dalton Lunn (10)

Newcomers: Caleb Robinson (12), Jasiek Zalewski (12), James Dughi (10), Anthony Intorcia (10), Clayton Woodruff (10), Shane Atwood (9), Wyatt Delamater (9), Spencer Jennings (9)

Overall thoughts on this year’s team: With 24 varsity wrestlers working hard for spots in the line-up we look to be competitive in the league and beyond. 12 lettermen, a few talented returners and a couple of talented 9th graders will hopefully jell into a solid team.

Thoughts on the league this season: Athens, Troy and Wyalusing all return solid post season wrestlers. Canton has a large group of young talent and should be very balanced.

North Penn-Liberty Mountaineers

Roster: Sophie Domenech (10), Brayden Garverick (9), Roger Learn (12), Coy Wagner (11), Adrian Taylor (10), Patriot June (11), Landon Rippel (11), Gaven Sexauer (10), Tyler Pequignot (9), Mitchael Tice (12), Kohen Lehman (9), Owen Hartranft (11), Austin Pequignot (11), Brett Harvey (11), Logyn Choplosky (11)

Williamson Warriors

Roster: Wyatt Dacheux (9), Ayden Sprague (9), Chelsea Hungerford (10), Christian Falkler (9), Carter Gontarz (9), Jaisen Smith (11), Darren Clark (9), William Young (9), Josh Hultz (11), Garrett Mitchell (10), John Bathgate (10), Jacob Peffer (11), Brock Robinson (12), Michael Sipps (10), Layton Simonds (10), Kade Sottolano (10), Troy Burrous (11)