Four Notre Dame athletes signed recently to continue their sports careers at the college level.

The school held a ceremony for the four with their families as they made their college choices.


When it came to thinking about college, one of the challenges for Fisher was deciding which sport to pursue, basketball or football.

In the end the Crusaders star choose to head to Hilbert College to play basketball.

“Definitely, I love football, but basketball I feel like was always my first love,” Fisher said. “It’s what I wanted to pursue in college and get better at it.”

When he visited Hilbert, Fisher liked the school.

“Definitely, the basketball competitiveness there, the coaching staff and how hard the players worked,” Fisher said.

For Fisher, one of the challenges with basketball was that he was on loaded teams most of his career, and it wasn’t until his senior year where he got a chance to break out as a star player.

“It was a little bit tougher, I had great players my junior and sophomore year to look up to,” Fisher said. “Definitely it was different from sophomore and junior year to senior year and I had to take over and be a leader.”

While Fisher didn’t become the go-to guy until this past year, he had confidence all the way through his career in what he could do.

I think (Nick) Weiemiller and coach (Bill) Hopkins instilled a lot of confidence in me, going into my senior year I was very confident on the court.”

It was former coach Hopkins who helped get Fisher get to Hilbert.

“Coach Hopkins talked to me a lot about Hilbert, and the opportunities I would have there,” Fisher said. “He is the one that pushed me there and opened the opportunity for me to play basketball there.”

As soon as Fisher went there, he knew it was the right fit.

“My first visit up there I could tell this is where I want to spend the next four years,” Fisher said. “The coaches, and how supportive they are to the players is what drew me to them.”

The school was also a good fit academically for Fisher.

“It was really big,” Fisher said of the academics. What I want to major in, they have a good program for it, and that drew me to them to.”

While he isn’t the biggest guard around, Fisher knows what he can do.

“I know I’m not going to be the tallest, but I know I can be the most hard working,” Fisher said.

When Fisher went to look at Hilbert he gained a lot of confidence that he could play there.

“Even playing with people on the team during my visit, that instilled a lot of confidence in me,” Fisher said.

There are things that Fisher know he can improve before college.

“I think I need to work on my strength, and develop a better outside shot,” Fisher said. “I think I can improve my strength on the defensive end.”

Being a smaller guard, Fisher really worked to finish in traffic in high school. Now, he knows he has to improve his three-point shooting.

“I worked a lot on driving and finishing through contact,” he said. “I think at the college level I need to develop a three-point shot, then it would be hard to stop me.”


After a dominant swim career at Notre Dame, Craig is headed to the Division I level to swim at Bucknell University.

“I’m super excited,” Craig said. “Seeing my sister (Molly) move on to collegiate level sports, and seeing all her success makes me excited for the future as well.”

While she’s excited to swim in college, Catherine wanted a school with good academics.

“Academics will have, and will always remain my top priority,” she said. “Competing at Bucknell will fulfill that obviously.”

It was the academics, and athletics, that drew her to Bucknell.

“I think mainly the combination between high level academics and an elite swim team sealed the deal for me,” Craig said.

The Notre Dame standout knows she will face good competition at Bucknell.

“I am definitely super excited,” Craig said. “I’ll get a lot of good competition, that’s something I’m looking forward to. There are a lot of great swimmers to train with also.”

For Craig, which level of college she went to wasn’t the priority.

Molly is at D3, where she was a national champ and All-American. Catherine is headed to D1. For both, it was just finding the right school.

“Every school has something special to offer,” Craig said. “Whether D1, D2 or D3, I wasn’t fully focused on the division level, more the opportunities and success the schools show.”

Craig is starting to think of some goals for herself, and she expects to mostly swim the 200 breaststroke and 100 breaststroke as well as the individual medley.

“Obviously, improving my times in both those events would be awesome,” Craig said. “Placing high at our conference championships is one of my big goals.”

Having a sister in college, Craig has talked to her some about what it’s like.

“A little bit, she says it’s really challenging, but hard work pays off, but it is worth it at the end, and it’s a rewarding sport in that sense.”


The Notre Dame senior will be heading to Corning Community College to continue her bowling career in the fall.

“I am very excited, I have been practicing with my coaches and being prepared for this,” Williams said.

For a long time Williams felt like she wanted to bowl in college.

“Ever since I was younger, I knew it was something I wanted to do, once I got better I was ready,” Williams said.

One of the big challenges for Williams was finding a school that had bowling.

“Finding a school that had bowling was exceptionally important to me,” Williams said. “I do believe it was one of the harder things to find in a college.”

CCC was a school that Williams saw right away.

“It was the first school I looked at, I have been on campus a lot, I liked the coaches and they made me very comfortable,” Williams said.

One other thing that drew Williams to CCC was the location.

“That was another contributing factor on deciding where I wanted to go to college, how close it was to home,” Williams said. “I looked at a couple colleges that had bowling, they were really out of the area. One thing that was important to me was family. I wasn’t ready to leave them. I choose the closest that had bowling, and even though it is a two-year school, I can transfer.”

Williams feels like maybe after a couple years at CCC she would want to travel out of the area to bowl.

“As an 18-year-old high school student, I’m not ready to travel extremely far from home,” Williams said. “Give it a couple years, and we will see where it goes.”

Williams feels like she can compete well for CCC.

“I think my scores fit in pretty well,” Williams said. “The team right now is pretty small, if we come together as a team we can make it pretty far.

“I am really excited, coach Andrews is really nice, I believe he’ll take me in the right direction and help me improve on my skills.”

For Williams, she feels like CCC will be a good fit for her.

“I have talked to a lot of people about Corning,” Williams said. “Some of my family members went there and made me 100% sure they wanted to go. I plan to major in criminal justice and heard their program is outstanding and I can come out of Corning with a job.”


The Notre Dame softball player will continue her career at Keuka.

“I really love the campus and the coaches were really nice up there and they had a good program,” Fargo said.

For Fargo, going to the next level was something she always wanted, but it was within the past couple years she began to think it was possible.

“I always thought I wanted to play,” Fargo said. “Junior year I decided I definitely want to go on to a higher level.”

Fargo believes how hard she works is something Keuka liked about her.

“I think they see me as a strong competitor and I try my hardest,” Fargo said. “It doesn’t matter where they put me, I’m going to try my best.”

Right now, Fargo isn’t sure where they will have her play.

“I am not exactly sure where they want to put me,” Fargo said. “Hopefully first, because they don’t have a first baseman right now, but wherever they put me I’m going to try and do my best.”

There are some things Fargo wants to work on before the college season.

“I am hoping to get stronger and improve on the hitting a little bit and gain more strength and power,” Fargo said.

For the Notre Dame senior the school was also a good academic fit.

“Academics was a huge portion of it,” Fargo said. “I know their program was super strong and will succeed and help me find a job.”

When Fargo went up to the school she knew she liked it.

“I had an overnight visit up there after seeing the campus and how small it is, and how all the teachers know everybody I liked it,” Fargo said.

“I am extremely excited, I hope to do my greatest and have the best career I can possibly have.”

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