The biggest thing for high school athletes at this time is the uncertainty.

Will they get to have a spring sports season? Will they get to be back with their teammates, and return to school? And, if so, when?

For high school athletes, the uncertainty can be tough. The thought of losing spring sports, especially for seniors, is scary.

Things are looking bleak with all college sports calling off their spring schedules, and pro leagues looking at possible May, or even June, returns.

Over the next couple weeks we will talk with high school athletes and let their words be heard on what this entire situation is like for them.

Towanda’s Gabby Larcom had waited for the spring season to roll around.

In previous years she had played travel softball. She had done some type of sport all year long.

This year was different.

As a senior Larcom had other focuses and was putting her focus toward the spring season and softball.

Now, she doesn’t know if it will happen.

Now, Larcom is afraid she may lose her senior softball season, before it ever began.

“There is more fear than anything about my senior softball season,” Larcom said. “I may never be able to suit up for a game again. It’s especially tough because not only did I not play soccer this year or K-dettes, but I don’t play travel ball anymore. So, this is my last chance.”

One of the toughest things about this spring has been the unknown for Larcom.

Having a season shortened, or lost, is tough. Not knowing from day to day what the future holds makes it even harder.

“The uncertainty is very tough,” Larcom said. “I don’t know what to expect at this point. But, my hopes for my senior season are almost gone.”

Even if the season gets played this year, Larcom knows there will be a lot of challenges.

She has not been able to put the time in outside with her teammates, that she normally would, prior to a season.

“It’s very tough, especially because the girls have decided we shouldn’t gather outside of school,” Larcom said. “This year I was working on taking our open catching position, so I need that extra time in that position because it’s been so long since I’ve played there.”

As hard as it is possibly losing a season of a sport she loves, what’s just as scary for Larcom is that she may not get to finish her senior year of high school at all.

“As for the rest of my senior year, it’s slowly fading away in my eyes,” Larcom said. “The only time I’m permitted to be around people is at work and I can only have one person over at a time.

“I still hope for things like prom and senior skip day and prank, but the days are going by and nothing seems to be getting better. Rest in peace senior year.”