Sheldon Seymour is like a lot of wrestlers.

The Troy standout has a list of goals he’d like to accomplish in his career, and he tries to check them off one by one.

But, there is one huge difference between Seymour and other wrestlers.

Seymour’s goals are the stuff most can’t even dream of. Win a state title, wrestle at the D1 level, win a national title, wrestle for team USA, make a world team, make an Olympic team.

The thing is, Seymour checks off those goals as quickly as others might check off win half their matches.

Seymour, the third-ranked wrestler in the nation at 106 pounds, won a state title this past year, and now he’s made his college choice, committing to wrestle for Division I Lehigh.

“It was just the right fit for me,” Seymour said. “The coaches are really nice there, it’s a great staff to be involved with. All the team was like a family, that’s what drove it home for me.”

While Seymour excels on the wrestling mats, he also excels in the classroom, and Lehigh was the right fit academically for him.

“That’s what I looked for,” Seymour said. “I wanted a school that could give me good academics, and a good wrestling career. They filled both those needs. I am excited to be a Mountain Hawk.”

One thing that made Lehigh seem more at home for Seymour was all the kids he knew on the team. The roster is full of former District 4 stars, including Athens’ A.J. Burkhart.

“When I went down for my official, AJ was my host,” Seymour said. “It was really special to go down and be with him and the other D4 kids and have familiar faces.”

Seymour had a final five schools he was deciding between, but in the end it was really down to a pair of schools.

“I had a top five, but it was between Pitt and Lehigh,” Seymour said. “Both offered a good scholarship, ultimately I choose Lehigh.”

Seymour knows that Lehigh is anxious to get him into the wrestling room after he finishes his high school career next year.

“They see me being a pretty good prospect, from their eyes,” Seymour said. “They want me to get into the summer and train with them after my senior year.”

One thing Seymour knows is that he’s always been a smaller wrestler.

He’s never let that have any impact on him in wrestling, and with Lehigh he saw Darian Cruz, and what he accomplished at the school.

Cruz is a smaller wrestler that became a National Champion for Lehigh, and he’s still at the school training with their Regional Training Center.

“I talked with Darian and he said Lehigh really helped him develop,” Seymour said. “That opened my eyes to see what I can do. It was a big reason I wanted to choose Lehigh, because I saw what they did with a kid like Darian who was undersized going into college.”

And, not only is Cruz a good example of what Seymour can accomplish, he’s also someone Seymour can work against.

“He is still there, so I will be able to work with him when I’m there,” Seymour said. “I get to train with the best and try and be the best.”

Seymour worked out with Cruz and it showed him what can be possible in the future.

“It’s really eye opening for me,” Seymour said. “It’s helped me improve my game. When I went down there he set up a practice and we worked out for a good hour, hour and a half and it was really cool.”

One of the kids that Seymour can work with at Lehigh is another District 4 state champion — Jarrett Lane of Southern Columbia.

“Jarrett, when I went down there, he was there for one day because he was going to see his family,” Seymour said. “It’s a fun situation to get to train and help each other get better.”

One other thing that drew Seymour to Lehigh was the location.

“That’s another reason,” Seymour said. “I have family like an hour away. It makes it nice, if I want to get out of Bethlehem I can and I don’t have to come all the way home. It’s nice my parents can come watch me and maybe some of my classmates can come down.

“We (Seymour and his family) were talking and they wanted me to stay in Pennsylvania. I really wanted to stay in Pennsylvania. Pitt was like a four and a half hour trip, Lehigh is only about two and a half or three. I ultimately choose Lehigh and my parents like it because it’s a better drive.”

The Troy star is ready to get a chance to wrestle at the college level.

“I am so excited,” he said. “I always love going out and trying to get the best competition. D1 is going to be a big step to take after high school and I’m ready for it.

“Getting used to the college rules, after a while I’ll get used to it. We all have the common goal of being an NCAA Champion.”

Wrestling at Lehigh gives Seymour hopes that one day he can go beyond college as well.

“It’s going to be amazing being in that practice room,” Seymour said. “We are all there for a reason, all Division I for a reason. It’s going to be great to see all our hard work pay off and talk and help each other out. They have a really good RTC (Regional Training Center) coach (Jeff Buxton) and he is great and can really help if I want to wrestle after college.

“That has always been one of my goals to try and make a world team and an Olympic team. I’m starting to get there. I’m going to world team trials for cadets and will try and make the world team this weekend. And, I’ll see what happens after college (for senior teams), hopefully my body is still healthy.”

Seymour is in Akron, Ohio as he tries to check off another accomplishment on that impressive list of goals.

The Troy standout is going to try and make the cadet world team this weekend.

“I am so excited, there is so much competition down here and I can’t wait for it,” Seymour said.

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