Her numbers are a bit mind boggling.

She throws as hard as many high school pitchers, and hits well to.

She has medal after medal, trophy after trophy, title after title.

And, all this while still playing for 12u softball teams.

Addie Smith is as accomplished as many high school stars.

She helped guide Troy to back-to-back Minors Little League titles the past couple years.

Now, she’s hoping to do the same with the Troy Majors team this year.

“Hopefully we’ll win another district title and go a little bit further than we have the past couple of years,” Smith said.

When she’s not playing Little League, Smith is still playing softball.

She plays for both the 12u Trojan Thunder and also for Wicket Insanity.

She has 226 strikeouts in travel. She is a .593 slap hitter.

The Trojan Thunder won the Liberty Arena title, they were runner-up at the Keystone Pink out and third-place in Hershey.

The Wicket Insanity won the Mothers’ Day Mayhem title and they won the

Mayhem on the Mountain title.

Friday both Smith, and her Troy teammate and catcher Lauren Ridall, will play at the Blast at the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland, and the game will be streamed live on the Wicket Insanity 12u softball Facebook page at 6 p.m.

For Smith this year it’s different playing for two different travel teams.

“It’s a lot of fun playing a lot of travel ball with different teams, hanging out and making new friends,” Smith said.

It can be tough playing on two different travel teams, but Smith enjoys it.

“At first it’s a little scary and nervous, but once you get used to it you get to know them and have a lot of fun with them,” she said.

Smith played a lot last year, but this is different working with multiple teams.

“I did quite a bit last year, but this is my first year doing a lot of travel ball with different teams,” Smith said.

As someone who pitches a lot, and has played over 50 games this year, it can get tiring at times.

“It’s fun, but sometimes it gets tiring when you try and help the team and pitch a lot,” she said. “I just like to help as much as I can.”

Balancing games, and practices can take a lot out of a player as well.

“It’s a lot of work to try and get to every practice and not get tired out,” Smith said.

What the Troy standout does is relax on her time away from the sport and that helps her a lot.

“Just rest a lot,” she said. “Do a lot of things with friends and just hang out instead of playing softball.”

While the Wicked Insanity is a travel team that pulls from a number of areas, the Trojan Thunder are a team full of just Troy kids, and that makes Smith proud that they can compete with travel teams that pull from all over.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Smith said. “We work hard and stick together and try and compete with different teams that pick from a lot of areas when we go down as a small town.”

At a young age, Smith is making a name for herself in the sport, and with the Trojan Thunder, the future looks bright for Troy softball.

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