The biggest thing for high school athletes at this time is the uncertainty.

Will they get to have a spring sports season? Will they get to be back with their teammates, and return to school? And, if so, when?

For high school athletes, the uncertainty can be tough. The thought of losing spring sports, especially for seniors, is scary.

Things are looking bleak with all college sports calling off their spring schedules, and pro leagues looking at possible May, or even June, returns.

Over the next couple weeks we will talk with high school athletes and let their words be heard on what this entire situation is like for them.

As a freshman last season Northeast Bradford’s Emily Susanj burst onto the scene as not just one of the best softball players in the NTL, but in the state of Pennsylvania.

The sky is the limit, and the excitement level for this year was high.

Now, things are a bit different.

Susanj is like all high school athletes in the region.

She’s in a holding pattern. The spring sports season is on hold, and no one knows for sure when, or if, it will get played.

“It’s extremely tough to wait for a potential season,” Susanj said. “I wait nine months at the end of the season for the next season and the fact that it is getting pushed back and potentially cancelled is devastating.”

Right now, the idea of starting a season would be tough, because all the players are behind in preparation.

“If we were to have a season, it would be insanely hard to be prepared because we haven’t hard our preseason in Tennessee and we haven’t had more than a couple weeks of practice,” Susanj said.

While, it might be hard to get into the swing of a new season, the idea of no season is terrifying to the NEB sophomore.

“The thought of losing my softball season brings tears to my eyes,” Susanj said. “I spend so much of my time working on my skills to perform well. Nothing brings more joy to me than the pop of the ball off the bat or the snap of the glove when the pitcher throws in a pitch.

“The possibility that I may not get to experience that this year is heartbreaking.”

It’s already a tough time for athletes as the season didn’t start on time.

“Of course it’s frustrating to not be able to start the season off right. I was so ready for this year. This was our year. The fact that we are not able to start off with a major bang is very sad.”

Along with not being on the field, the other challenge for athletes is not even being at school.

“Being away from school is more than exhausting, because I make some of my best memories at school with my friends,” Susanj said. “Our silly shenanigans are put on hold during this time, especially considering that we can’t see each other outside of school”

The idea of not having a season at all is something that Susanj doesn’t want to think about.

“The thought of possibly not being able to experience this season with our current team is terrifying,” she said. “The team has grown up together and we have all worked so extremely hard to be where we are now. It’s awful to imagine that this situation could take that away from us. This really is our year.”

As hard as things are for the NEB star, she knows it’s especially hard for the seniors.

“I know this is having a huge toll on our seniors,” she said. “Every single one of them loves the sport of softball and I know that if we don’t have a season, they will be very much affected. The team, the sport, the atmosphere, it’s so lovely and special that anyone would miss it.

“It is just truly so devastating that the one thing I enjoy most may be taken away from me.”

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We will continue to run thoughts from area athletes, and coaches, about what the uncertainty with sports means to them. If you want to be included, e-mail