There are very few players in the area who have had the soccer success of Chloe Tracy.

The former all-state soccer player holds school records at Sayre and is now a Division I player at Binghamton.

One of the keys to Tracy’s success is her footwork.

The soccer star has worked on the technical aspects of the game and makes things like juggling a soccer ball look easy.

So, the challenge was to try and juggle the soccer ball against Tracy.

Tracy makes it look very easy. In fact it is not that easy.

I played soccer most of my life growing up. However, I primarily played defense and my foot skills were never the strongest.

Years later, those foot skills are even less strong. While I may struggle to get a handful of touches before losing the ball, Tracy can do things with the ball that just leave you in amazement.

“Like sixth or seventh grade I was like I need to be technical to play this game,” Tracy said. “So, like once a day I would go out like 15 minutes and just do it and then it evolved from there. Then I went to clinics for it. Technicality is very important.”

By the time she was about 10-11 Tracy was playing soccer on top travel teams. The thing is, it wasn’t love at first sight for Tracy with the sport.

“I started when I was like super young, like 5 or 6, I didn’t like it, I ran off the field, I was like I can’t do this, and eventually I came back to it.”

Now, Tracy is getting ready for her junior year of college soccer.

“I am so excited,” she said. “We go back August 5 and start our preseason then and I’m just really excited because I feel our freshman coming in are extremely talented and building on what we did this spring season I feel like we are going to be in a good place.”

It’s crazy for Tracy to think she’s already going to be a college junior.

“It’s insane,” she said. “My class was like we are going to be juniors next year, we have two more years of soccer. That’s crazy because in the spring we don’t play so we literally have two more seasons and one spring left to play.”

The idea of soccer nearing an end for Tracy is something that’s hard to comprehend.

“It’s unfathonable actually,” she said. “I can’t even think about not playing soccer. I feel like soccer has become a part of who I am. Without it, I’m like what am I going to do.”

One thing she’s doing now is using her foot skills to help others.

Tracy has been working with the Sayre boys team one day a week this summer on foot skills.

“That’s why I started to do this,” Tracy said. “Because, I was like, this is awesome, I came from Sayre, so I can give back to Sayre and try and build the future.”

The soccer star feels like coaching may be a path for her after college.

For now, she’s just ready to enjoy every moment she has left playing the sport.

“Every moment counts and I try and take it as slow as possible,” Tracy said. “I don’t want to rush any days of soccer I have left.”

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