You watch Morgan Millard throw and she makes it look like something anyone can do.

Fluid and strong, she makes throw after throw with the discus, javelin and shot look simple.

Taking on a challenge to try all three proved to be anything but simple.

While my throwing skills aren’t the worst thing I’ve done in track and field, just check out how bad my high jump attempts were, I don’t think I’m going to be focusing all my time into being a thrower.

For Millard throwing started in seventh grade, and it was just something she felt like she might be good at.

“I just am strong I guess, so I figured it might be easy,” Millard said. “Not easy, but something I could do.”

One of the challenges for Millard is that a lot of what she knows about throwing is stuff her and her dad picked up from videos, talking to people, and just studying throwing.

“It’s very hard,” Millard said. “Videos do come in handy, Youtube, Youtube, Youtube all the time, but he (her dad Joe Millard), does put a lot of time into it so that makes it easier.”

Having a dad that coaches her has helped her a lot.

“Very thankful, it pays off a lot,” Millard said.

One of the things that’s made Millard so good is how hard she works. With her dad serving as a football coach, Millard has joined him in the weight room with the football team for a lot of her career.

“A lot of girls don’t get in there, they are kind of nervous to work out with the guys, I feel like they are kind of family since I’ve grown up around them,” Millard said.

It’s made it easier for Millard that her dad is part of the coaching staff, and she’s never intimidated by anyone when she’s lifting.

“I actually lift more than most of them,” Millard said.

It was in high school when Millard started to realize what she can do in the sport.

“I’d say like freshman/sophomore year is when I started getting decent,” Millard said. “When I went to a camp at Mansfield freshman year it helped a lot.”

The more she goes to camps Millard starts to pick up more and more about throwing.

“It helps a lot, they know a lot more stuff about the techniques,” Millard said. “It’s not just power, it’s a lot of technique and coordination.”

Last year the season ended for Millard at the state meet with her first trip to the PIAA Championships.

“It was very nerve wracking,” Millard said. “It’s cool to watch, but there are definitely some skilled girls.”

For the Troy senior to be watching some of those girls helped her pick up some things.

“They are very explosive,” Millard said. “I have the strength side, but I’m not as explosive. So, I need to work on that. I would like to become explosive and technique like them.”

It’s odd for Millard to think this is going to be her senior year.

“It’s kind of sad,” Millard said. “I feel like I was a freshman yesterday and now it’s coming to an end. I guess I have college.”

While Millard had a big year last year, she just wants to keep working hard.

“There are no expectations as of yet,” she said. “You just have to work hard and do your best, everyone can get better.”

And, the big goal for Millard is just to keep getting better.

“Just throw further, work harder and hope for the best,” Millard said.

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