When it comes to throwing the shot or discus, it really is something that everyone can do.

The challenge however is doing it well.

I showed I could throw the shot and discus, and things went at least a little further than my meager expectations.

Then you watch Wyatt Ferris throw and you realize what good throwers are really capable of.

I threw the shot and felt like, that’s not too bad. I watched Ferris and realized what throwing is about. The discus was even more obvious the difference between a good thrower like Ferris and myself.

The thing is with Ferris, he really hasn’t been throwing for that long compared to many high school standouts.

“I started getting into throwing my freshman year, so it was kind of a late start compared to most,” Ferris said.

One thing that really got Ferris into the sport was a lot of his football teammates.

“Everyone that had been in track, like Griffin (Sites), they said it was fun, so I said I’d give it a shot,” Ferris said. “Ben Jenkins was there, he was a bit part of my football career, he pushed me to get better.”

And, as a thrower Ferris got a chance to throw with a lot of his teammates from football.

“There are a lot of us here, it’s a lot of fun,” Ferris said. “It’s just practice and going out and having fun and learning things.”

As a lineman in football, when it came to track and field it was always going to be about throwing for Ferris.

“It’s the big guys, the big guys are always the ones throwing, you don’t see us running, we don’t run,” Ferris said.

Being a strong lineman, people do expect something from guys like Ferris, but he never felt too much pressure.

“If they see you as big and strong there is a little higher expectations, but they don’t pressure us to do better than the next guy,” Ferris said.

A lot of the pressure on Ferris came from himself.

“I thought I could do pretty good,” he said. “I thought I could do a little better my freshman year and that’s what pushed me to get better.”

While spring sports aren’t the longest seasons, Ferris has learned a lot in the sport thanks to his coaches.

“It is really short, with good coaching, like we have, it’s easy to learn things and keep building form there and get better and better,” Ferris said.

Ferris plans to throw at Bloomsburg and he’s excited to see what it’s like at the college level.

“I am really excited,” he said. “I’m definitely excited to see what I can do at a college level and see what I can do there,” he said.

For Ferris he’s ready to start working hard and try and get better and better.

“It will be good to improve and work on things and get a lot better, be a good thrower,” Ferris said. “Just breaking PR’s and getting my form down, I have a hard time getting form and keeping form for a year.”

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