To watch someone jump in track and field it seems like such an easy thing from the outside looking in.

You run, you jump. Kids at every age do that growing up.

However, trying to long or triple jump is much more complicated than that.

There are boards to hit, or you end up scratching. There are steps you have to have down. It’s a lot more than just running and jumping.

Trying the long jump against Dahlia Hosey of Wellsboro, you can quickly see the difference between people who try jumping, and a jumper.

I ran and jumped and it felt pretty good, and was nowhere near as bad as my attempts to high jump.

Hosey takes off and soars flying her feet perfectly in front of her to add to the distance of her jump.

The funny thing for Hosey is, it wasn’t that long ago that she just started jumping as a bit of a joke.

“I got into jumping 10th grade because it was actually a joke because my cousin, I signed her up for something she had never done before and she was like I’m going to sign you up for triple jump. So, I was like alright and I did it and he (Wellsboro’s coach) was like you could be super good and I just started then and I ended up going to states that year (sophomore year).”

For Hosey at first the jumps was nothing she wanted to do.

“I did not want to do it,” Hosey said. “She signed me up, and I was like I don’t wan to do it, I’m not doing it, but I did it anyways.”

Originally Hosey was just planning to run sprints.

“I prefer jumping now though than sprinting,” she said.

When she started out Hosey wasn’t really sure what she was doing when she jumped.

“It was like eh, that looks hard,” she said. “At first I could not do it. I couldn’t get the phases down. It’s called triple jump, but really you only jump twice off the one foot and I was like I can’t do that, but I practiced it.”

One of the big keys in the sport is getting right on the board without scratching, something that took Hosey a long time to really get good at.

“Scratching is a big problem because your steps have to be right on,” Hosey said. “A lot of times I’ll be behind the board and that effects your jump to.”

The steps, and the things that go into the jump are just as big as the jump itself in Hosey’s mind.

“It’s almost bigger, it’s the biggest part,” Hosey said. “You have to run your steps back, you have to get the right number. Even if you are a toe over they scratch you.”

All those other things that go into jumping is the big difference between a jumper and people who just try and jump.

“A lot of people are super athletic, but you have to know how to do it,” he said. “Without having a proper jumping coach here that makes it harder to, and jumping is really hard on your body.”

The part about being hard on your body is something that Hosey saw this year as she dealt with an injury.

“I hurt my back and I was jumping two feet below my PR most of the year and it’s also really bad because I have shin splints,” Hosey said.

It’s one of the challenges of being a high school jumper when a lot of times schools don’t have coaches for every event, so jumpers have to kind of pick up some stuff on their own.

“It’s difficult because we don’t really know what we are doing, we just have to do it ourselves,” Hosey said.

One thing that helped Hosey when she started out was having her sister Dupree as a jumper as well.

“It made it a lot more fun and a lot easier to have another person here,” Hosey said.

And, that included a year the two went to states together.

“That was fun,” Hosey said. “At districts both our first couple jumps were like eh. We were trying to push him and he got really frustrated and his last jump qualified and he was long jump and for me in triple jump I forgot how to triple jump my first time doing it, I was like I don’t know how to do it and then I made it my second time.”

Now, Hosey will prepare to compete at the college level at Bloomsburg.

“I am very excited for that,” she said. “I just want to get my workout schedule and just start already. I feel like I’m going to improve a lot.”

One person that Hosey will get to work with at Bloomsburg is a fellow Wellsboro grad. Kristin Stam, another former Wellsboro jumper, is an assistant coach there.

“She’s super nice,” Hosey said. “I am very excited, I heard about her through her sister, her sister took my mom’s dance classes. I was like, I will apply there and I checked it out and I really liked it and she’s really cool.”

One big adjustment in college will be doing indoor and outdoor track and field.

“I am kind of nervous for indoor, I am mostly excited, I think it will be a lot of fun,” she said.

And, now Hosey will focus all her time on track and field.

“I played soccer just to stay in shape,” she said. “But, I think just doing track and field and having the proper workout schedule will be good.”

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