TROY — A year ago Athens edged Troy in the finals of the NTL Showdown.

Troy waited a year for a chance to face the Wildcats again and on Tuesday they opened their season with a 70-53 win over Athens.

“It’s a great feeling being able to just play and especially to get the win,” Troy’s Ethan VanNoy said. “We’ve been looking forward to this game since we lost NTL’s last year, and it feels great.”

VanNoy led Troy with 20 points and Ty Barrett had 17 for the Trojans, who outscored Athens 18-10 in the opening quarter of the win.

VanNoy had three threes, all in the first half, and Barrett had six points in the final quarter.

Jake Deitrick had 11 points for Troy and Mason Imbt and Nick Williams each had seven points.

Devin Sellock had five points for Troy and Owen Williams had two points ,while Morgan Madigan had a point.

Troy hit nine free throws in the fourth to seal the win.

“It was really awesome to get that win,” Barrett said. “That’s a team that is always fun to beat.”

Having the lead early was big for Troy. And, while Athens tried a box-and-one to keep Barrett, who had 46 against Athens in the NTL Showdown last year, in check, it left things open for VanNoy.

“Getting off to a fast start was the biggest thing. It made it feel like we were in control of the game. I think that with Ethan VanNoy scoring teams are going to have to realize they can’t just face guard me.”

Deitrick had nine rebounds, three steals and two blocked shots and Wiliams had four assists.

Maidgan and Sellock each had six rebounds in the game.

Nolan Carling had 15 points for Athens and J.J. Babcock had 14.

Troy Pritchard had six points and Tucker Brown, Mason Lister and Shayne Reid all had five points, while Carson Smith had three points.

Pritchard had 11 rebounds and Carling had six boards, while Babcock and Reid each had four boards.

Lister had four assists and Babcock had three steals, while Reid had two steals.

For Troy it was a good way to start the year.

“Good team win,” Imbt said. “Glad to be back.”

Towanda 61,

Williamson 31

Towanda outscored the Warriors 14-3 in the first quarter on their way to the win.

Nate Parker had 19 to lead the Black Knights in the win and Justin Schoonover had 12 points.

Elias Shrawder and Kolby Hoffman each had seven points in the victory.

Octavious Chacona and Logan Lambert each had five points in the game.

Dante Ottaviani, Mason Hartmann and Teagan Irish all had two points in the game.

Kristian Mizedail had 12 points for Williamson and Jake Schmitt had eight points.

Everett Dominick had six points and Wes Carlton and Devin O’Dell had two points, while Gabe Kaufman had a point.

Towanda won the JV game 56-12. Owen Clark had 15 and Austin Fowler had 11 for Towanda.

Canton 57, CV 26

Tyler Jannone led Canton with 15 points and Caiden Williams finished with 14 points in the game.

Isaiah Niemeczyk had 12 points in the game and Cooper Kitchen finished with five points.

Cameron Bellows and Gavin Morse each had four points and Brendon Matthews had three points.

Tucker St. Peter had 11 for CV and McGuire Painter had six points, while Ben Cooper had five points.

Joe Easton and Devin Gatewood each had two points.


Bloomsburg 59,

Athens 29

The Wildcats dropped a non-league matchup on Tuesday for their first loss of the year.

Rylee Klinger led Bloomsburg with 22 points.

Caydence Macik led Athens with 12 points and Kayleigh Miller had eight points, while Megan Collins had seven and Karlee Bartlow had two points.

Bartlow had four boards and Macik had three. Miller had two assists.