TROY — They may be running at a different place but traditions don’t change at Troy.

On Tuesday the Trojan girls’ cross-country team clinched their third straight NTL title at home, beating Towanda 21-40 and NEB 15-50.

Towanda defeated NEB 18-45.

That meant after the meet coach Gary Ward had to take a dip in Stephen Foster Lake — per Troy tradition if the Trojans win a league title at home.

“I love it, I love being able to do that,” Troy’s McKenzi Bellinger remarked. “Old traditions coming back.”

It’s not just about winning, but it’s about making memories.

“I will remember that for a while,” said Troy’s Mya Thuotte.

Towanda’s Erica Locke (22:00) won the girls’ race but the Trojans took the next four spots with Sydney Taylor (22:04), Thuotte (23:04), Bellinger (23:19) and Abby Lewis (23:20).

Towanda’s Eliza Fowler (23:39) finished sixth followed by three more Trojans: Julia Colton (23:53), Rachel Kingsley (24:18) and Halie Buck (24:19).

Towanda’s Jordyn Radney (24:53) rounded out the top 10.

Black Knight Madison Nonemacher (25:08) was 11th followed by NEB’s Lauryn Jones (25:21).

Rounding out the top 15 were Troy’s Madisyn Baxter (25:25), Towanda’s Amy Morse (25:33) and NEB’s Rylee McKean (26:05).

The make-up of the team is very different from last year as they lost top two Katherine Polakowski and Brooke Hinman to graduation.

Bellinger and Thuotte have led from the beginning of the season with Taylor coming on of late.

“The first half was kind of rough because I felt like I was out of shape compared to everybody else,” said Taylor. “Since we’ve been training throughout the year I’ve felt way better running in pain.”

She’s enjoying her newfound success after running in the back half of Troy’s varsity last season.

“I’m really happy to be up at the top because It’s nice to contribute to our team,” she said.

Bellinger ran hurt for much of last season as she tried to build off a solid freshman year.

“I’m happy to be healthy, somewhat,” remarked the junior.

And Thuotte has moved up from the 4-5 spot she ran in last season.

“I feel more like a leader and that the team looks up to me more,” she remarked.

They hope to keep the winning going at the NTL Coaches’ Invitational on Saturday and the District IV Championships in two weeks.

“Staying healthy is really important,” Thuotte said.

They also plan on making more memories.

“Team bonding is really important,” added Bellinger. “We’ve got to do a little bit of that.”

NEB swept the boys’ race, beating Troy 25-31 and Towanda 19-40. Troy defeated Towanda 22-31.

Troy’s Owen Williams (18:07) won the race followed by NEB’s Dylan Brown (18:26).

Troy’s Aaron Manley (18:54) was third with the Panthers rounding out the top five behind Kyle Davenport (18:58) and Luke Tice (19:04).

Towanda’s Eric Lauber (19:20) came in sixth with NEB’s Jehiel Dewing (19:27) seventh. Rounding out the top 10 were Troy’s Seth Seymour (19:44) and Towanda’s Jasiek Zaleuska (20:20) and Jaden Wise (20:21).

NEB’s Ethan Mosier (20:26) was 11th followed by Troy’s Tanner Hodge (20:37).

NEB’s Jack Shumway (20:57) was 13th, Troy’s Robert Rogers (21:13) came in 14th and NEB’s Richy Palmer (21:22) rounded out the top 15.

In junior high girls’ action Troy topped NEB 24-31 and Towanda 20-35. NEB beat Towanda 25-30.

Troy went 1-2 with Alyssa Parks (9:54) and Lilly Depew (10:11). NEB’s Melanie Shumway (10:29), Gracelyn Laudermilch (10:29) and Lilah Hughes (10:39) rounded out the top five.

In junior high boys’ action Troy beat Towanda 16-47 and NEB 20-35. NEB beat Towanda 18-45.

Troy went 1-2-3 with Lance Heasley (9:10), Colin Loveland (9:13) and Jacob Hinman (9:16).

NEB’s Norman Strauss (9:26) and Ryan Jones (9:29) were fourth and fifth.


BOYS: Waverly 46, Watkins Glen 58, Newark Valley 62, SVEC 112, Notre Dame 114, Edison 154, Tioga 176

GIRLS: Waverly 46, SVEC 53, Edison 55, Newark Valley 56

Waverly’s Sheridan Talada (20:12.8) won the girls’ race as they clinched the division title.

Notre Dame’s Alyssa Walker (20:16.4) was second followed by Wolverine Elizabeth Fritzen (21:19.7) in third.

Notre Dame’s Maura Devlin (22:11.8) and Piper Young (22:15.8) were sixth and seventh as Waverly’s Paige Ackley (22:20.2) took eighth.

Also for the Wolverines Aubrey Akins (28:3.4) was 24th and Hali Jenner (28:56) took 25th.

On the boys’ side Waverly’s Collin Wright (17:26.3) came in second to Watkins Glen’s Gabe Plenty (17:01.7).

Notre Dame’s Steven Gough (17:55) was fifth as Wolverine Nate Ackley (18:13.0) came in eighth.

Waverly’s Brandon Bubniak (18:38.1) took 10th, Jayden Rose (18:45.7) was 12th and Kaden Wheeler (19:05.2) finished 14th.

Notre Dame’s Scott Herlan (19:16.5) finished 17th.

In boys’ junior high action Waverly was second with 49 points to Newark Valley.

Waverly’s Liam Wright (9:43.2) took second.

On the girls’ side Waverly took the top two spots with Elizabeth Vaughn (10:37.8) and Harper Minaker (10:46.8) but didn’t have a full team.

GIRLS: NP-Mansfield 15, Sayre 50; NPM-Mansfield 18, Sullivan County 40; Sullivan County 15, Sayre 50

BOYS: NP-Mansfield 15, Sayre 50; Sullivan County 15, Sayre 50; NP-Mansfield 15, Sullivan County 45

Sayre’s Kayla Hughey (21:20) won the NTL girls’ race Tuesday.

NPM’s Emma Harris (21:53) and Ella Farrer (23:01) were second and third.

Sayre’s Lucy Coller (23:08) and Sullivan’s Sophie Springman (23:42) rounded out the top five.

NPM took the next three spots with Sara Richard (25:08), Grace Farrer (25:27) and Breanna Wilson (25:29).

Sullivan’s Olivia Harney (26:04) was ninth and NPM”s Matthea Mitchell (26:21) came in 10th.

Sayre’s Corey Ault (26:46) was 11th followed by Sullivan’s Alice Polcrack (27:12). Rounding out the top 15 were NPM’s Trinity Kolb (27:49), Madison Milheim (28:05) and Gabby Gregory (29:14).

On the boys’ side the Tigers went 1-through-5 led by Sam Shedden and Noah Shedden in 17:56.

It’s the first time in 20 years that NP-Mansfield has gone 1-through-5 in a race.

Seth Nelson (18:52), Roger Learn (19:19) and Morgan Rutledge (19:48) rounded out the top five.

Sullivan’s Ethan Walker (20:11) and Chris Walsh (20:33) were sixth and seventh followed by Sayre’s Logan Goudreau (21:43) and Nathan Romano (22:07).

NPM’s Isaac Tice (22:31) was 10th.

Sayre’s Jacob Henry (22:32) came in 11th followed as Sullivan’s Francis Rixey (23:49) was 12th.

Rounding out the top 15 were NPM’s Robert Shultz (23:52), and Sullivan’s Rilby Mosher (26:03) and John Caremo (27:25).

For junior high boys Sullivan’s Tyler Immel (10:07) led a Griffin sweep. He was followed by Colton Wade (10:38), Ben Carpenter (10:46), Derrick Finegan (10:46) and Ernico Caproetti (10:47).

NPM’s Addie Farrier (10:51) won the girls’ race as teammates Maddie Farrer (9:51) and Maddie Johns (9:52) were second and third. Sullivan’s Halley Mosher (12:08) was fourth and teammate Libby Moore (12:28) came in fifth.

In team scores NPM edged Sullivan 29-30 on the girls’ side as both beat Sayre 15-50.

For the boys Sullivan won both 15-50.