The biggest thing for high school athletes at this time is the uncertainty.

Will they get to have a spring sports season? Will they get to be back with their teammates, and return to school? And, if so, when?

For high school athletes, the uncertainty can be tough. The thought of losing spring sports, especially for seniors, is scary.

Things are looking bleak with all college sports calling off their spring schedules, and pro leagues looking at possible May, or even June, returns.

Over the next couple weeks we will talk with high school athletes and let their words be heard on what this entire situation is like for them.

The best thing to do for Wellsboro’s Cathryn Brought is hope for the best.

It’s easy to get frustrated with spring sports on hold.

It’s easy to worry about the possibility of no final high school softball season.

But, the Hornets standout is just hoping for the best.

“It’s definitely worrisome to think about it, but we have hope we will get back and finish out,” Brought said.

For all athletes it’s hard not knowing exactly what is going to happen next.

“It’s tough to not know when we can go back to school and sports, but we’re staying positive,” Brought said.

Right now, the Wellsboro senior just keeps working, staying ready if the season returns.

“I’ve been keeping active at home and continuing to stay in shape for when we do hopefully go back,” Brought said.

If the return doesn’t happen, that would be very difficult.

“It would be very sad to lose my senior season and potential playoff runs,” Brought said.

Being away from sports is tough, adding in being away from school and it’s that much more difficult.

“That is also hard,” Brought said. “I miss seeing everyone at school everyday and practicing with my friends.”

For seniors there are a lot of big things on the horizon, and it’s tough for Brought to think about those not being there.

“Yes, all the events that seniors have at the end of the year are very exciting and it would be very sad if we had to miss them,” Brought said.

While Brought knows that her high school career could end without her getting to finish it, she’s happy she has sports beyond this year.

“It’s tough as a senior because that would have been your last chance,” Brought said. “But, I chose to play in college so it comforting knowing I have more chances there.”