All her life Jada Smith knew what she wanted to do in life.

In high school she was a standout basketball player for the Warriors.

These days, she is a police officer in Roanoke, Virginia.

After a career with the Warriors that saw her help lead Canton to some of the best teams they had had in years, Smith graduated in 2012.

After working two jobs for a year she moved to Roanoke in 2013 and became a police officer, and she has been in law enforcement for the past seven years.

“I love my job,” Smith said. “It is definitely rewarding to be able to help others and to serve the community.”

For Smith, getting into law enforcement at a young age made since, because she always wanted this job.

“I got into law enforcement only at the age of 20, because it’s all I have ever wanted to do. My journey brought me to Roanoke where I was offered a career at the Roanoke Police Department. Not only do I currently have my dream job, I have also made Virginia my second home.”

For Smith, just being able to interact with the public is what made this job a dream of hers.

“Being able to build a rapport with the public and educating them on our daily,” she said.

While sports are in her past, what she learned in sports still helps her today.

“Endurance wise, yes,” she said of her athleticism from sports helping her today. “Being part of a team yes. It helped me prepare to being part of a bigger team, the ‘Thin Blue Line.’”