The Wyalusing girls and boys each notched a pair of wins at Wellsboro on Friday.

For the girls Wyalusing beat NEB 115-17 and Wellsboro 88-60 and Wellsboro beat NEB 117-7.

On the boys side Wyalusing beat Wellsboro 77-69 and they beat NEB 108-32, while Wellsboro beat NEB 87-46.

For the girls in the 100 Olivia Haley won in 13.24 for Wyalusing, followed by Wellsboro’s Hannah Morey and Kassandra Kerin of Wyalusing.

Haley won the 200 in 27.74, followed by Morey and Katherine DeCamp of Wellsboro.

Kerin won the 400 in 1:11.43, followed by Wellsboro’s Alexis Banik and Emily Richardson.

Catherine Brown of Wyalusing won the 800 in 2:19.40, followed by Wellsboro’s Aislinn Hoose and Emma Davis.

Sierra Allen of Wyalusing won the 1600 in 5:59, followed by Wyalusing’s Kayla Beebe and Ella Reifer of Wellsboro.

Carina Beebe of Wyalusing won the 3200 in 13:04.67 followed by Kayla Beebe.

Kathryn Burnett of Wellsboro won the 100 hurdles in 18.79, followed by teammates Hannalee Cleveland and Ella Posada.

Posada won the 300 hurdles in 57.56 followed by Wyalusing’s Ruth Weaver.

Wyalusing’s Layla Botts, Haley, Hannah Ely and Mia Wilcox won the 400 relay in 55.57 and in the 1600 relay Botts, Haley, Brown and Kerin won in 4:56.10.

Allen, Kayla Beebe, Carina Beebe and Brown won the 3200 relay in 10:45.10 and in the high jump Madison Armitage of Wyalusing won at 4-feet, 6-inches, followed by Ely and Sarah Abadi of Wellsboro.

Wyalusing’s Priscilla Newton won the pole vault at 6-feet, 6-inches, followed by teammates Marie Scarborough and Hayley Anaya.

Botts won the long jump at 14-feet, 1/2-inch, followed by Olivia Chilson of Wellsboro and Newton.

Newton won the triple jump at 28-feet, 7 1/2-inches, followed by Wyalusing’s Emilee Otis and Shannon Clark of Wellsboro.

Kiyah Boyce of Wellsboro won the shot at 26-feet, 10-inches, followed by teammate Emma Coolidge and Marissa Johnson of Wyalusing.

Paige Howell of NEB won the discus at 94-feet, 8-inches, followed by Boyce and Coolidge. Coolidge won the javelin at 95-feet, 3-inches, followed by teammate Alina Pietrzyk and Howell.

For the boys Kashawn Cameron of Wyalusing won the 100 in 11.76, followed by Wellsboro’s Joseph Grab and Jack Poirier.

Poirier won the 200 in 24.48, followed by Grab and Joey Gonsauls of Wyalusing.

Aidan Fletcher of Wellsboro won the 400 in 57.67, followed by Wyalusing’s Travis Bahl and Will Cooley of NEB.

Wyalusing’s Justin Hiduk won the 800 in 2:05.33, followed by teammate Josh Stoddard and Joey Bevacqua of NEB.

Owen Richardson of Wellsboro won the 1600 in 5:15.20, followed by Bevacqua and Wyalusing’s Evan Johnson.

Brody Fuhrey of Wyalusing won the 3200 in 13:33.29 followed by Johnson. NEB’s Austin Kithcart won the 110 hurdles in 18.51 followed by Colbrin Nolan of Wyalusing and Wellsboro’s Evan Hoover.

Samuel Rudy of Wellsboro won the 300 hurdles in 45.92, followed by Nolan and Kithcart.

Poirier, Joseph Brown, Rudy and Grab won the 400 relay for Wellsboro in 45.84. Wyalusing’s Darevin Curlee, Nolan, Bahl and Hiduk won the 1600 relay in 4:00.68 and Wellsbro’s Gabe Guignard, Aidan Fletcher, Spencer Wetzel and Richardson won the 3200 relay in 10:02.55.

Ethan Lewis of Wyalusing won the high jump at 5-feet, 6-inches, followed by teammates Grayden Cobb and Oswald.

Anthony Romania of Wellsboro won the pole vault at 8-feet, 6-inches, followed by Wetzel and Alex Hunsinger of Wyalusing.

Cameron won the long jump at 21-feet, 7 1/2-inches, the best jump in the district this year. Poirier was second, followed by Brown.

Rudy won the triple jump at 36-feet, 7-inches, followed by Oswald and Lewis.

Jacob Palfreyman of Wyalusing won the shot at 41-feet, 5-inches, followed by NEB’s Dan Seeley and Dan Williams.

Seeley won the discus at 125-feet, followed by Palfreyman and Justice Harlan of Wellsboro.

Williams won the javelin at 133-feet, 9-inches, followed by Wyalusing’s Abram Bennett and Wyatt Gastrock of Wellsboro.

GIRLS: Athens 76, Troy 74

BOYS: Athens 107, Troy 42

Mya Thompson, Hannah Walker, Leah Liechty and Emma Roe won the 1600 relay for the girls in 4:31.60 to clinch the meet and for the boys Justin Lynch, Kyle Anthony, Ryan Thompson and Ryan LaSusa won for Athens in 3:44.90.

The whole meet for the girls came down to the final 1600 relay, won by Athens.

In the 3200 relay for the girls Troy’s Sydney Taylor, Lilly DePew, Natalie Williams and Julia Colton won in 12:22. For the boys Athens’ Justin Lynch, Connor Dahl, Matt Gorsline and Kyle Anthony won in 9:27.

Anneliese Getola won the 100 hurdles in 17.83, followed by Emily Henderson of Athens and Elizabeth Geer of Troy. Levi Kuhns of Athens won the 110 hurdles in 19.69, followed by Troy’s Owen Williams and Carter Jones of Athens.

Getola won the 100 for the girls in 13.58, followed by Athens’ Emma Roe and Hannah Walker. Ridge Spencer of Troy won for the boys in 11.90, followed by Athens’ Jaden Wright and Troy’s Colin Loveland.

Getola, Anna Lewis, Rachele Ainey and Caelyn Pine won the 400 relay for the girls in 56.10 and for teh boys Kuhn, Ryan Thompson, Joseph Toscano and Jaden Wright won for Athens in 47.56.

Roe won the 400 in 1:05.47, followed by Athens’ Mya Thompson and Bailey Johnson of Troy. Ryan Lasusa of Athens won the boys race in 55.62, followed by teammates Lynch and Korey Miller.

Emma Bronson of Athens won the 1600 in 5:58.50, followed by Taylor and DePew. Izaak Hobday of Athens won the boys race in 6:30.27 followed by Gorsline and Sander Bertasch of Athens.

Walker won the 300 hurdles for Athens in 53.58 followed by Taylor and Geer. Williams won for the boys in 48.18 followed by Kuhns and Troy’s Austin Smith.

Bronson won the 800 in 2:38.52 followed by Colton and Depew. Anthony won for the boys in 2:10.46, followed by Lynch and Ethan Denlinger.

Roe won the 200 in 27.86 followed by Getola and Walker. Wright won for the boys in 25.16 followed by Lasusa and Toscano.

Bronson won the 3200 in 13:05.02 followed by Taylor and Depew. Gorsline won the boys race in 10:42 followed by Dahl and Hobday.

Emma Pernaselli won the girls’ discus at 83-feet, 11-inches, followed by Troy’s Morgan Harkness and Meltem Van Helden of Athens. Ian Wright of Athens won for the boys at 107-feet, 3-inches, followed by Athens’ Lucas Aquilio and Hunter Kulago of Troy.

Hope Houseknecht of Troy won the shot at 27-feet, 9 1/2-inches, followed by Harkness and Pernaselli.

Asher Ellis of Athens won the shot at 47-feet, 4-inches, Ian Wright was second followed by Lucas Aquilio.

Pernaselli won the javelin at 70-feet, 4-inches, followed Troy’s Davison and Houseknecht.

Ellis won the javelin at 125-feet, 6-inches, followed by Ben Pernaselli of Athens and Ian Wright.

Thompson won the girls’ long jump at 15-feet, 9-inches, followed by Troy’s Olivia Call and Ainey. Spencer won for the boys at 18-feet, 8 1/2-inches followed by Loveland and Troy’s Wyatt Hodlofski.

Thompson won the triple jump at 31-feet, 9 1/4-inches, followed by Bronson and Geer. Loveland won for the boys at 37-feet, 8 1/4-inches, followed by Hodlofski and Brendan Jones of Athens.

Call won the high jump at 4-feet, 6-inches, followed by Liechty and Shelby Morris of Athens. Ethan Delinger of Athens won for the boys at 5-feet, followed by Brayden Spalding of Troy.

Call won the pole vault at 7-feet, 6-inches, followed by Bailey Johnson and Emily King of Athens and Seth Seymour of Troy won for the boys at 9-feet, followed by Denlinger and Jacob HInman of Troy.